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Suicide Prevention


Chat online

Samaritans has an online chat program - IM Hear - is available for college students Monday-Friday from 5PM-9PM. Chat with a trained volunteer for support and assistance.


Provides free, 24/7 emotional support via text with a live, trained counselor who will respond promptly and be available to provider support and assistance.

Additional resources for support 

Designed to help colleges and universities promote emotional wellbeing and mental health programming, reduce substance abuse, and prevent suicide among their students.

Sexual Assault/Rape 


Programs for College Students 

Transition Year 
An online resource center to help parents and students focus on emotional health before, during, and after the college transition. 

The Jed Foundation  
An organization working to reduce emotional distress and prevent suicide among college students. 

McLean 3East Program 
A Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Program for Adolescents and Young Adults 

DBT Academy of Boston 
Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills groups in parallel to a college semester which allows students to live a rewarding life. 


Online assessments are for informational and educational use only. They do not replace a formal mental health evaluation. For a diagnosis, you must contact a licensed mental health professional. Error is possible in any assessment. Errors may indicate that no issue exists when one actually does, or they may fail to identify an issue that does exist. For help with a concerning issue, please contact the Wentworth Counseling Center. 

An anonymous online resource with information about mental health. 

Freedom from Fear 
Free online self-assessments. 

Depression Screening 
Online screening for signs of depression. 

Anxiety Screening 
Online screening for signs of anxiety disorders. 

Authentic Happiness 
Questionnaires about happiness and wellbeing. Developed by University of Pennsylvania. 


Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth 
Provides weekly and monthly social activities for those aged 22 and under. 
(617) 227-4313 

Boston GLASS Community Center 
Drop-in center for GLBT and questioning young people between the ages of 13 and 25. A safe space to hang out at, make new friends, and just relax. 
(617) 266-3349 

Fenway Community Health 
For nearly forty years, Fenway Health has been working to make life healthier for the people in our neighborhood, the LGBT community, people living with HIV/AIDS and the broader population. 
(617) 267-0900 

GLBT National Help Center 
Providing free and confidential telephone and email peer counseling, information, and local resources for GLBTQ callers throughout the United States. 
National Hotline: (800) THE-GLNH (800-843-4564) 
National Youth Hotline: (800) 246-PRIDE (800-246-7743) 

Eating Disorders 

Massachusetts Eating Disorder Association 
Diagnosis, consultation, coaching, support group, family and independent therapy 
(617) 558-1881 

Cambridge Eating Disorder Center 
In and outpatient treatment for adolescents and adults struggling with eating disorder. 
(617) 547-2255 or (888) 900-CEDC (2332) 

National Eating Disorders Association 
Information on eating disorders and how friends and family can help. 
(800) 931-2237 


Mass. Gen.l Infectious Disease Dept. - STD Clinic 
Anonymous STD clinic. Donation requested, no insurance needed.  
(617) 726-2748 

Fenway Community Health Center 
Anonymous, confidential, and free HIV and hepatitis screening. Additional STD testing also available at a cost. 
(617) 267-0159 

Planned Parenthood 
Anonymous, confidential HIV and STD testing.  
(800) 258-4448 

AIDS Action Hotline 
(800) 235-2331 

Sidney Borum Health Center 
Free and confidential STD testing for young adults ages 19-29. 
(617) 457-8140 

Substance Abuse 

Massachusetts Substance Abuse Information & Education 
(800) 327-5050 

Codependents Anonymous 
(617) 773-7453 

Narcotics Anonymous 
(866) 624-3578 

Alcoholics Anonymous 
(617) 426-9444 

logo with red and white lettersWork Without Limits  -  is an initiative that works to increase the employment rate of people with disabilities. 

Fitness and Recreations in the Boston Area 

Team sports: 

Places to explore and get your body in motion 

  • Try on of the many bike paths by renting a Hubway bike  

  • Hiking in the Blue Hills Reservation 

  • Ice skating on the Frog Pond during the winter in the Boston Common 

  • Revere Beach: Revere, MA (accessible by the Blue Line)  

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Study Skills: 



Autism Spectrum Disorder