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Medical Leave of Absence

Students can take a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) to leave campus to receive treatment for health concerns.  Medical Leave of Absence is a temporary break from academics initiated by the student, so that they can undergo treatment while away; students on a leave intend to return to the University. An MLOA is appropriate if a student finds it difficult to productively or safely manage the demands of their academics and campus life due to health concerns.

A Medical Leave of Absence is considered a Voluntary Withdrawal. With a Medical Leave, a student needs Medical Documentation.

The  Dean of Students Office facilitates and approves MLOA requests and can help students decide whether a Medical Leave of Absence is the right choice for them. Taking a MLOA involves several steps.

Visit the Academic Catalog for more information on taking a Medical Leave: Changes to Enrollment Status.

Process & Considerations When Taking a Medical Leave

Process to take a Medical Leave:


  1. Get started by clicking this form:  requesting a MLOA. Then, you can this link to meet with a Support Specialist:  Meet with Support Specialist Kayla. You can also email her directly at
  2. After your intake meeting with a Support Specialist, you will need to submit Medical Documentation from your provider to the Center for Wellness for approval.
  3. Once approved, Support Specialist Kayla will send you the Official Petition to Request a Medical Leave of Absence for you to fill out.
  4. Once all these steps are completed, the Support Specialist will send the student's request to take a Medical Leave to the Registrar's Office for review. Financial Aid, Student Accounts, The Center for Wellness, Housing and Residential Education, and a student's Success Advisor will be made aware of the Medical Leave, but will not be made aware for the reasoning behind the Medical Leave.
When taking a medical leave, consider these details that come with a student status change:
  • Academic Considerations

    Taking a Medical Leave can impact a student's academic sequence of classes. It is strongly advised that students schedule a meeting with their Success Advisor or Primary Advisor to discuss what their curriculum plan will look like for future semesters. 

  • Financial Considerations

    Students are responsible for reviewing any financial aid implications related to their withdrawal for future aid eligibility and the return of financial aid process with the Office of Financial Aid. Students can email Financial Aid directly at

    It is important to ensure that students do not have any outstanding balances in their accounts. Please be encouraged to reach out to if you have questions regarding your balance. 

    Students can also find your financial aid counselor and billing counselor on EAB Navigate listed under their "Success Team."

  • Tuition Insurance

    Tuition insurance can protect up to 100% of your family's education investment should a student need to withdraw for a medical reason(s). Tuition Insurance provides reimbursement when a student cannot complete an academic term due to an unforeseen, covered accident, injury or other covered reason.

    Tuition insurance needs to be purchased prior to the start of the semester.

    Students can visit Wentworth's Tuition Insurance Website by clicking here: Tuition Insurance.

  • Student Health Insurance

    If a student is enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, the plan will remain in place following the coverage dates.

  • On-Campus Housing

    If you live on campus you must submit a housing cancellation form. This can be accessed here. Once this is submitted, you have 24 hours to vacate. Please email with questions about this.

  • International Students

    International Students who are considered a temporary or permanent departure from the university are encouraged to consult with International Student Services and Engagement to learn how their VISA status may be impacted. 

Involuntary Medical Leave

In situations when a student does not voluntarily take a leave of absence and demonstrates behavior that poses a threat to the health and/or safety of self or others, or is significantly disruptive to the University learning environment, an individualized assessment will be made. The University may require the student to take an involuntary leave of absence or impose conditions and/or restrictions designed to address the health or safety threat or disruption.

Read more about Wentworth's Policy here: Wentworth's Involuntary Medical Leave Policy.


Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to

  • How long can I take a Medical Leave?

    Students may apply for a medical leave of absence from the University for one semester, which may be extended for up to one year at the request of the student. 

  • Will I get my money back?

    Students who withdraw from all their courses during the term may not be eligible for the financial aid offered to them. You can view the full Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy here: Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy, as well as the impact on future aid eligibility. We strongly encourage students to email to determine the financial impact prior to making their decision. 

    If a student has purchased  tuition insurance through GradGuard, students can work with them to get tuition reimbursement. Otherwise, please review the Tuition Proration Policy at Wentworth.

    If you have further questions, students can work with their Financial Aid Counselor and their Student Support Specialist. 

  • Will I have my same roommate when I return to the residence hall?

    We do not guarantee roommate assignments will be the same when you return as we do not hold spaces for students on a MLOA.

    Students will need to email if they wish to live on campus when they return.

  • What is the difference between a Medical Leave and a Regular Leave?

    A Medical Leave of Absence requires Medical documentation to take a leave and to return. A student taking a Medical Leave is required to meet and work with a Support Specialist in the Dean of Students Office. A Regular Leave requires you to fill out a Leave of Absence Petition and email it to the Registrar's Office.

  • What is the Medical Documentation required?

    Medical Documentation is required to take a Medical Leave and return from a Medical Leave.

    Your Support Specialist will email you a Medical Health clearance form for your medical provider to email or fax to a confidential resource in the Wellness Office at Wentworth. Medical documentation is confidential because it must list your diagnosis and treatment plan; thus, it is not shared with any other parties on campus.