Community Standards Meeting

Be advised that there are two components to this sanction; a meeting and an essay.

The purpose of this meeting is to provide you with the opportunity to discuss the impact that your decisions and behavior have on the community, both within our campus and locally. This one-time meeting will address your understanding of self and purpose within a larger community. You must schedule a meeting, via email, with the staff member designated in your notification letter to set up a meeting.

Upon completion of your meeting, you must submit a 1500 word essay about what you learned from this conversation. Please answer the prompts below in your essay. Your completed essay must be submitted to your hearing administrator by your identified deadline.

1. What did you learn from the conversation you had with the staff member you were designated to meet with?

2. What have you learned from this experience with the discipline process (the incident, the hearing and the meeting with the staff member)?

3. What will you do to avoid being in a similar situation in the future?

4. What has this process taught you about your responsibilities as a member of the Wentworth community?