Alcohol/Drug Violation Fines

As the discipline process is both punitive and educational, you are mandated to submit a disciplinary fine. Fines may be issued after a student is found responsible in either, or both, Alcohol and Drug violations and vary by level and amount. For alcohol violations, a Hearing Officer may issue a of Level 1 Fine ($100.00). Level 2 Fine ($200.00), or Level 3 Fine ($300.00). In drug violations, a Hearing Officer could issue a of Level 1 Fine ($250.00) or a Level 2 Fine ($300.00). Your violation has contributed to an environment of alcohol and drug related behavior that can cost the Institute dollars to manage. This includes damages, vandalism, outreach and intervention such as sanctioned on-line education courses. It is our hope that the imposing this fine will have a greater educational impact, requiring you to fully consider your behaviors, ultimately resulting in higher level of compliance and a lower recidivism rate.

This fine is added to your account at the Student Service Center and becomes immediately due. Payment can be made through your LConnect (E-Bill) or in person at the Student Service Center. Please note that the Student Service Center conducts a weekly review of accounts and will place holds on students accounts with a past due balance. If you are unable to pay the fine due to financial limitations, please contact the Assistant Dean of Students Jenn Kosses, at 617-989-4486 or visit Rubenstein 003 to speak with her.