Alcohol Awareness Campaign

Design a poster campaign to inform Wentworth students of alcohol related risks and potential consequences related to physical health, community, relationships, academics, etc. Highlight healthy social and recreational alternatives to substance use.

Posters must include:

  • A slogan (e.g., “Don’t Drink and Drive)
  • A minimum of 5 different posters
  • Facts and statistics from reliable sources, pictures/graphics, campus resources (e.g., student code of conduct, health center, etc.)
  • Specific citation of credible sources used
  • Presentations must be emailed as an attachment NO LATER than one week (7 days) after receiving the assignment.
  • If the presentation does not meet the above requirements it may be returned for revisions


1. Choose an area of alcohol education to focus on. Examples include: 

  • Alcohol’s effect on the body
  • Laws and/or Wentworth policies
  • Negative impact on community/society, academics and/or relationships
  • Myths and facts
  • Safe drinking strategies vs. high risk drinking

2. What are healthy alternatives to substance use?

What information do college students need to make healthy choices around alcohol use?