ADAPT (Alcohol Awareness Class)

Be advised that there are two components to this sanction; attending the ADAPT class & a reflection paper. For full instructions on how to complete this sanction, please click on the sanction title.

In keeping with the educational goals of the discipline process, you will be mandated to attend this educational training. This 90 minute class will help you reflect on your current alcohol use, review the effects of alcohol consumption on the body, and develop strategies to reduce negative consequences and make healthy decisions. A review of alcohol related laws and Institute policy along with on and off campus resources will be discussed.

Once you have attended the class, the instructor will assign a reflection paper which must be 1000 words in length and submitted to the instructor via email. Once both requirements are complete, the instructor will mark your sanction as complete in our database and you must notify your hearing officer, by email, of your completion by the identified deadline.

To register for the next available class, visit our online scheduler.