Reporting a Violation

This is NOT for use in an emergency.  If you witness a situation that threatens the health or safety of another individual, please contact Public Safety at 617-989-4444.

Individuals who observe a potential violation of the Student Code of Conduct may report the behavior to the Dean of Students Office through an online Incident Report. The report should be as detailed as possible, listing the individuals who have supposedly violated policy as well as any witnesses. The statement should include dates, times, locations and specific information of the behavior leading up to the report being filed. A Hearing Administrator will review the complaint to determine the most appropriate actions necessary to resolve the dispute.  Please keep in mind that the Institute does NOT accept anonymous reports and therefore does not guarantee your anonymity as the originator of the report.

In some cases, the reporting individual/victim will serve as a complainant.  Individuals filing charges against a student must be prepared to face the accused regarding the issues at hand. Every attempt will be made to assure a safe hearing atmosphere in which the complainant will feel comfortable to confront the accused. Please keep in mind however, the Institute reserves the right to take action with or without your consent.

Individuals who observe a violation or victims are encouraged to discuss their concerns with staff members from the Dean of Students Office, Department of Public Safety, the center for Wellness, or  Housing and Residential Life. 

You may be contacted for additional information regarding your report.  Also, due to the federal privacy mandates, you may not be privy to the outcome of any action taken. 

Be advised that students who knowingly file a false complaint will be subject to disciplinary action.

Important Tips when filing a report

  • Be as exact and precise as possible in your report, recording every useful detail including quotes if you can remember them.
  • Keep your report clear of vagueness.  Instead of “caused a stir,” use the exact happening – “yelled and jumped on a desk.” 
  • Please provide details in sequence, as they happened.
  • Please only include facts that you are personally aware of, do not include rumors or suspicions.

You must have a valid Wentworth e-mail to submit a report.

File an Incident Report by Clicking Here