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Appeal Process

A student who has participated in the discipline process and has been found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct may file a written appeal within three business days of written receipt.  In cases involving sexual assault/violence and harassment, both parties may file an appeal.  If the written appeal is not filed on time it will be dismissed.  A party is allowed only one appeal.

Appeals are to the following Appeal Administrators:

  • Office of Housing and Residential Life Staff Member: Coordinator of Community Standards or Designee
  • Coordinator of Community Standards: Assistant Dean of Students or Designee
  • Assistant Dean of Students: Dean of Students or Designee
  • Community Standards Board: Dean of Students or Designee
  • Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students: A Vice President or Designee
  • Panel Decision: A Vice President or Designee

An appeal must demonstrate one or more of the following bases for appeal and explain in detail the support for each basis:

  1. New and material information not available at the time of the hearing which might have affected the outcome of the hearing;
  2. The hearing did not substantially follow the Guidelines or a change from the Guidelines substantially affected the outcome of the hearing.

The Appeal Administrator may speak to the underlying decision maker/body, the appealing party and the responding party, review all information taken during the underlying hearing and seek new information. The Appeal Administrator may change the findings on violations or change the sanction(s) imposed (reduce or increase). The decision made in the appeal process is final.