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Leadership Education at Wentworth

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Leadership Commitment

The Center for Student Engagement, in support of the Five Factors of Career Success, is committed to enhancing the academic experience of Wentworth students through offering leadership development programs that are career-centered and purposefully designed to develop a students' identity as a leader.

Our Vision

To develop career-relative leadership competencies that encourage Wentworth students to lead with merit and character.

Our Leadership Development Programs

Through experiential and classroom-based initiatives, our leadership programs are designed to allow students to recognize their potential as leaders and consider their role as an active member of society.  The Center for Student Engagement uses two core constructs to create these experiences to target leadership programs to our students’ needs.  

  • The "Worthy Leadership" model which is comprised of three distinct components: the commitmentcharacter, and capacity to lead.
  • The Student Leadership Competencies, the knowledge, values, ability, and behaviors that can help students contribute to or successfully engage in a role or task.  Student Leadership Competencies research offers valuable perspective in relation to what competencies are most critical for specific academic disciplines' success.

For Questions about Leadership Education at Wentworth

Please email or call the Center for Student Engagement at (617) 989-4080.