Resident Assistant

Wentworth Institute of Technology
Office of Housing & Residential Life

Resident Assistants are paraprofessional members of the Residence Life staff reporting to a Resident Director.  Resident Assistants work as Administrators, Resource People, and Programmers for the students in their area in order to develop community.  Specific responsibilities will depend on the needs of the particular area assigned and subject to change as the need arises.  Resident Assistants are held to a very high standard of accountability and personal conduct because of the unique role modeling nature of the position.  

  1. Resident Assistants will maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average and remain in good academic standing.
  2. Resident Assistants will attend and fully participate in all departmental trainings including: August training, January training, monthly Staff Development meetings and any specialized training required by the Dean of Students Office.  
  3. Resident Assistants will maintain full-time student status (12 credits) or a co-op semester for the duration of their employment.
  4. Resident Assistants will successfully complete either Phase I of the Wentworth Leadership Institute for new Residents Assistants and Phase II for returning Resident Assistants prior to the semester/year begins.

DUTIES: It is not possible to list every duty of a Resident Assistant here.  Please refer to the Resident Assistant Manual for a more detailed description.


  1. Immediately reports to supervisor or designee, all incidents, including but not limited to: sexual misconduct, potential threat to self or others, violence, harassment, and biased-related graffiti.
  2. Adheres to the duty/on call guidelines determined by his/her supervisor. 
  3. Accepts duty on an assigned rotating basis and additional duty on various weekends during the semester, i.e. World Series, major campus events. 
  4. Does not consume alcoholic beverages within 12 hours of start time or while on duty.
  5. Is aware of the physical condition of floor/area and reports maintenance concerns in a timely manner. 
  6. Is familiar with fire alarm systems and evacuation procedures as well as other emergency procedures.
  7. Completes all administrative paperwork and tasks (Census forms, maintenance requests, evaluations, community development forms, etc.) efficiently and promptly as set forth in the Resident Assistant Manual.
  8. Is familiar with the operations and procedures of the Office of Housing & Residential Life.
  9. Documents each evening’s activities/incidents in the duty log prior to the end of duty.
  10. Enforces Institute policies including but not limited to alcohol, drugs, disturbances, quiet hours and guests fairly and consistently.
  11. Encourages students to take responsibility for the enforcement of Institute policies, as well as their own behavior.
  12. Intervenes, seeks assistance or reports to supervisors when students are creating a community problem, or violating community norms, even when not on duty.  
  13. Documents all significant events in a thorough, objective, and timely manner via an incident report as set forth in Resident Assistant Manual.
  14. Checks Resident Assistant mailbox on a daily basis.
  15. Uses office and master keys appropriately and only when required in performance of position responsibilities.  

Resource Person

  1. Is visible, available, and approachable to residents, especially during evenings and weekends, whether on duty or not.
  2. Initiates and maintains contact with students on his/her floor or building(s) in order to develop a rapport with each of them.
  3. Holds floor meetings or meets with each room/suite/apartment regularly as outlined in the Resident Assistant Community Development Model.
  4. Knows all of the residents on the floor and responds to their personal, social, and academic concerns both individually and on a group basis.
  5. Facilitates solutions to problems by offering assistance and making appropriate referrals.
  6. Keeps resource materials in room for distribution to residents. 
  7. Respects lifestyles and personalities of students, even if not consistent with his/her own.
  8. Is familiar with different Institute services, such as the Center for Wellness & Disability Services, the Center for Academic Excellence, etc.
  9. Is aware of and communicates campus events with respect to academic, social, and extra-curricular activities to the residents.
  10. Meets with a supervisor once a week (or as determined by the supervisor).
  11. Is positive about the position, Department and the Institute.

Community Developer

  1. Assesses the needs and interests of residents and forwards the results to supervisors.
  2. Fulfills all requirements outlined in the Resident Assistant Community Development Model.
  3. Submits receipts for items purchased within 24 hours.