SWEET (Student Wellness Education and Empowerment Team)

Student Wellness Education and Empowerment Team
Peer Educator Job Description

SWEET’s Mission:
A group of students committed to keeping the Wentworth student body well-informed about health and wellness topics and empowering them to change their behavior in a positive, interactive, fun and nonjudgmental manner. Topics include alcohol and other drugs; safer sex; stress management; sleep; nutrition; fitness; body image; mental health; tobacco use; healthy relationships; sexual violence prevention.  SWEET members are advised by Amber Connors, the Coordinator of Health Promotion and Education.  

Health Promotion and Education’s Mission:
The mission of the Office of Health Promotion and Education at Wentworth Institute of Technology is to support student success by educating and empowering students to engage in healthy behaviors and decision-making around issues relating to alcohol and other drugs, relationships and sexual health, sleep, stress, nutrition, and fitness. Health Promotion and Education messaging and programs are grounded in evidence-based health promotion strategies.

Goals of SWEET:

  • To reach a large portion of the student body with current information on health and wellness issues and challenges that effect the Wentworth community
  • To encourage students to examine their attitudes concerning issues of wellness and to encourage them to pursue positive behavioral changes
  • To raise awareness of national collegiate trends in health and wellness


  • Genuine interest in peer health education and promotion programs offered by the Office of Health Promotion and Education.
  • Demonstrates the ability to balance academic performance and co-curricular work.
  • Serve as a responsible role model both on and off campus representing Health Promotion and Education and Wentworth.
  • Ability to relate, in a significant way, to other individuals 
  • A cooperative, mature, and nonjudgmental attitude towards sensitive health and wellness topics 
    • Must be comfortable discussing these issues openly with peers
  • Comfortable speaking in front of a group
  • Willingness to work within the framework and policies of Wentworth and Health Promotion and Education.
  • An attitude that will promote healthy lifestyle choices for self and others 
  • Ability to think creatively and innovatively 


  • To work with the SWEET peer educators and the Coordinator of Health Promotion and Education to assess the wellness needs of the campus and devise relevant programmatic goals for the semester
  • Use the SWEET programming framework to collaborate with fellow peer educators to design and implement wellness programming throughout each semester.
  • Depending on the needs of the group and of the campus, these programs may include hall programs, national awareness days (World AIDS Day, Alcohol Awareness Week, etc.) holiday-themed programs (Halloween, Valentine’s Day), blood drives, and other WIT events (COF Wellness Fair, Activities Fair, etc.)
  • Each SWEET peer will need to take the lead/co-lead on at least 1 program per semester
  • To facilitate workshops and deliver presentations on health and wellness topics to meet requests from other organizations across campus 
  • To maintain a visible presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) to promote the group and encourage positive behavior change among fellow students
  • To share knowledge about on and off campus resources with the Wentworth community during programs and workshops
  • Assume an active role in keeping channels of communication open between yourself, the student coordinator, and the supervisor 
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism


  • Attend weekly, 1-hour staff meetings (time is determined based on the availability of the collective group)
  • Hold 2 consecutive office hours each week in the Center for Wellness for program planning 
  • Meet biweekly 30 minute, 1:1 meetings with the Coordinator of Health Promotion and Education
  • Available evening/weekend hours as needed (based on the programming calendar)
  • Support and assist, when necessary, with the programs put on by Health Promotion and Education
  • Attend intensive training one weekend in September 2017 (dates/time determined based on the availability of the collective group)
  • Attend a SWEET retreat in January 2018


  • Completion of the Leadership Institute Phase 1 by August 1, 2016 
  • Completion of WIThero: Creating a Proactive Community by August 1, 2016*
  • Completion of WIThero: Standing Against Sexual Violence by August 1, 2017*

*If students have already completed WIThero: Creating a Proactive Community, they must complete WIThero: Standing Against Sexual Violence by August 1, 2016, and vice versa. Listings for WIThero workshops can be found at http://wit.edu/withero.   


  • SWEET members are paid a stipend of $40.00.  
  • SWEET apparel