Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Student Leader Application and training process:

Even if I've held a student leader position before, am I required to attend an Information Session?

  • That depends. If you are applying for a position you have never held before, then yes, you need to attend an Information Session. If you are planning to apply for the same position(s) you have now, then you do not need to attend an Information Session.

How do I find out more about a specific position?

What does my GPA have to be in order to apply?

  • All student leaders position must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the time of application. GPAs are not rounded up. 1.99 will not be considered.

What if I'm going on co-op next year, can I still hold a student leader position?

  • Yes, though you need to make arrangements with your supervisor(s) to ensure clear communication regarding your availability.

Is attending an Information Session mandatory?

  • Yes

Can I be involved in other activities on campus (clubs, sports, etc.) and still apply for a student leader position?

  • Yes

Can I be an RA and an Orientation Leader or Orientation Assistant?

  • Yes. See the Orientation Leader or Orientation Assistant job descriptions for more details.

Can I be an RA and a WOW Team Leader, Program Assistant or Special Programs Team Leader?

  • No, due to the nature and intensity of both positions, students are unable to be both an RA and TL or PA. But you may apply for both, prioritize your top choice, and make a decision if offered both.

Can I be an Orientation Leader or Orientation Assistant if I am taking classes during the summer semester?

  • Unfortunately, Orientation Leaders and Orientation Assistants work during New Student Orientation (NSO) over the summer, which occurs during regular class hours. This creates an unavoidable conflict between academic commitment and student leader commitment. As always, academics take priority. Therefore, new applicants taking classes during the summer cannot be part of the NSO team. However, all are welcome and invited to apply for the WOW team, which takes place in late August before fall classes begin.

What do the positions pay?

  • Compensation varies based on the position. See the position descriptions for this information.

What if I want to be a student leader but cannot attend training?

  • Training is required of all student leaders - returning and new. If you foresee an unavoidable conflict, even with a portion of training, email or your supervisor(s) to discuss the matter.

How many positions can I apply for?

  • You can apply for as many positions as you would like, but you will be asked to indicate your top choices. Please also keep in mind your ability to manage time and multiple responsibilities, while maintaining academic success and a healthy lifestyle.

What if I need help creating a resume?

  • You can either make an appointment with Coop and Careers (x4101).

What if I need help with my essays?

  • You should make an appointment with The Leaning Center (TLC) in Beatty 402 to have a tutor proofread your work.

Can I turn down a position?

  • If you are offered a position it is your privilege to turn it down if you no longer want it.