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Departmental Information

Accelerate Wentworth Innovation + Entrepreneurship Center

Willson Hall 2nd Floor, 617-989-4583,

ACCELERATE, Wentworth Innovation + Entrepreneurship Center builds innovative thinking and entrepreneurial confidence through rigor and instinct, impacting students’ career choices and success. It is critical to build competencies for the 21st century work environment and to stand out with dedication and drive. Students participating in ACCELERATE are empowered to generate ideas, make them real in our MakerSpace, and through our extensive network of collaborators, alumni, and professionals across Boston's innovation and startup ecosystem. Students can engage in workshops and events, receive mentoring, and work with Accelerate as a coop or student employee. 

Startup Challenge

The Startup Challenge provides a platform for students to form interdisciplinary teams and nurture an idea they are passionate about. Students can take advantage of workshops, events, mentors, faculty ambassadors, prototyping activities and funding opportunities. We encourage students to leave the beaten path of their discipline and to be inspired. With a strong maker culture at play, our student’s ideas have ranged from re-engineering the pedicab experience, designing an infusion treatment vest, longboards, and nail polish organizers to concussion detection devices, speech recognition software, and games. 

Social Innovation Lab

The Social Innovation Lab is a 12-week immersion program for six co-op students, the Social Innovation Fellows, from six different disciplines. They are organized into two teams, working with an external partner, e.g. WGBH, Children's Museum, City of Boston, Zoo New England, and others to address a challenge the organization is facing. The problems tackled can be quite diverse and students have the opportunity to connect with and learn from over thirty companies and organizations as part of this process. Students will activate innovation and design thinking methodologies to uncover the problem, ideate potential solutions, and prototype ideas to present to our partners.

Alumni Relations

Williston Hall, 3rd Floor, 617-989-4156

The Office of Alumni Relations offers Wentworth graduates an array of programs and services including an online community, social media sites, local cultural and sporting events, alumni networks and receptions, professional development opportunities, athletic reunions, golf tournaments, the annual Women at Wentworth celebration, young alumni programming, Black and Gold Reunion Weekend & Young Alumni Reunion each Spring and Family & Alumni Weekend in the Fall. The Alumni office also offers alumni benefits such as WITworks – an alumni benefit through our Career Resource Center, insurance discounts through Liberty Mutual, athletic facility use in Tansey, Alumni Library access, and several programs including networking events, Alumni Awards, all done with the support and guidance of the Wentworth Alumni Association Board that serves and extends the interests of Wentworth alumni to promote the spirit of fellowship among its graduates and former students, and to further the mission Wentworth.

Student Alumni Society

The purpose of Student Alumni Society (SAS) is to establish, foster and promote the development of beneficial relationships among the Institute's students, alumni, staff, faculty and the campus community.  In striving to fulfill this purpose, SAS notes its role in the greater effort of furthering the quality of Wentworth as an institution of higher education. SAS also promotes the activities of the Wentworth Alumni Association (WAA) through its programs and services to create and instill the spirit of Wentworth and to give students a better understanding of what the WAA is, what the benefits of membership are, and how the WAA functions.

SAS provides students with new leadership responsibilities such as planning, organizing and creating events for the entire student body.  SAS develops connections between students and alumni and instills pride in the Institute. The organization brings together a diverse group of students from all different areas of interests, majors and backgrounds to work together to make a difference at Wentworth through the WAA.

Wentworth Fund             

617-989-4218 or 617-989-4992

The Wentworth Fund plays a significant role in ensuring that we continue to deliver an interdisciplinary, hands-on education that prepares future generations of innovators and entrepreneurs with the tools and training they need to make substantial contributions to society and lead successful, fulfilling careers. The Wentworth Fund supports current use operating expenses, and has an immediate impact on the life of our community—funding renovations to our lab spaces, sponsoring student presentations at academic conferences, providing scholarship assistance to deserving students, and much more. Gifts in all amounts strengthen both our rankings and our ability to secure donations from foundations and other sources, and help raise our profile among prospective students and families.


Nelson Recreation Center/Tansey Gymnasium, (617) 989-4655
Twitter: @witathletics
Instagram: witathletics

Tansey Gymnasium contains three basketball courts and facilities for one-wall racquetball, volleyball, and similar sports. The fitness center is located on the third floor and contains free weights, exercise bikes, and treadmills for student use.

Varsity Sports

Note: for Intercollegiate clubs visit the Center for Student Engagement. For intramurals, visit the Colleges of the Fenway

  • Women: Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball
  • Men: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Rowing, Indoor Track and Field

Center for Academic Excellence  

Beatty Hall, Room 402, (617) 989-4573

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is focused on providing support to all students of Wentworth and works closely with the office of the Provost, the faculty and other departments on campus. The CAE facilitates student learning in order to foster student success at Wentworth. The CAE encourages students to pursue opportunities for learning both in and outside the classroom through workshops, programs and tutoring. Workshops appeal to students at all levels and all academic abilities, from graduate school workshops to course specific study groups. In addition, the Center for Academic Excellence provides students with opportunities to explore factors related to their academic success, such as how to study more efficiently, improve their reading, manage their time and metacognitive skills and abilities. In addition to workshops, the CAE also provides 1-1 peer tutoring, modified supplemental instruction, Facilitated Study Groups and group tutoring.  The CAE provides support for students identified through the Early Alert system as well as students on academic probation and warning. The Center for Academic Excellence is a supportive and safe learning environment for students looking to expand their learning opportunities as well as their personal and academic growth.

Center for Community and Learning Partnerships

553 Huntington Avenue, (617)-989-4993

Twitter - @CLPWentworth
Instagram - @CLPWentworth


Wentworth encourages students to not only master their area of technical expertise, but also to bring their passion and talent to bear on real-world problems and make a difference in our local Boston communities.  As part of Wentworth’s core purpose and mission, the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships provides students, staff, and faculty opportunities to positively transform Boston neighborhoods through hands-on projects and programs.  Through student-led projects and programming, the Center aims to facilitate and strengthen “town/gown” relationships, giving everyone a voice and empowering community members to execute a vision for their environment.  Students who actively engage in extensive community-based work can enroll in our Certificate for Community Learning, a credential offered prior to graduation.


Community Work Study (CWS) offers opportunities that other work-study programs cannot: real-world experience while positively impacting an underserved community. The Center, through CWS, partners with local nonprofits, public schools and community-based organizations to place students in programs and on projects to execute their work-study hours, using what students learn in the classroom to better serve society.  This federally-funded program allows students to receive financial assistance through three unique options: work directly with a community-based organization, lead a campus-based service project/program or work with faculty on a service-learning project.  Typical job opportunities for CWS students include tutoring, community designers, STEM curriculum development, tax preparation, and computer repair technicians, to name a few.


Alternative Spring Break (ASB) brings students from different majors and backgrounds, together, to work on a set of community-based projects in Boston and communities elsewhere in the country.  As a student-led, staff-guided program, coordinators are hired for the duration of the academic year to plan and organize all trip logistics, recruit other student participants, raise funding to make the trip affordable for all and, as a cohesive group, carry out service-based activities in their selected destinations. In the past 5 years, students have traveled to Houston, Miami, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington D.C., and New Orleans. Our annual Boston “trip” helps students become more aware of the environment surrounding Wentworth and the needs of the local communities.  Applications to join ASB for 2016-2017 will be available during the middle of the Fall semester.


Co+build is a community-driven design/build program that brings Wentworth students and community members together to complete hands-on neighborhood projects.  Co+build seeks to support community stakeholders as constructors of their own environment while introducing students to the power of community-based planning, design, and construction.  By fully respecting the autonomy and vision of community leaders, Co+build offers a model of how the presence of a college can invest in, rather than undermine, neighborhood integrity.  Wentworth students develop relationships with their neighbors, while learning how community planning, design, and construction principles positively impact their local environment.  Over the past couple years, Wentworth students have designed and built furniture for local organizations, rebuilt a landscape stairway, built a drainage system in Vermont, and designed a shading system for a local public school, to name a few.  Please stop by the office if you are interested in helping our communities grow.


Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development

Room 101, Wentworth Hall, (617) 989-4101,

Twitter: @WITCoopsCareers

Wentworth’s Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development (Co-ops + Careers) offers students and graduates a full range of services. Services are available to students enrolled in and alumni from our degree programs: associates, bachelors and masters. The Center is located in Wentworth Hall and is open Monday through Friday, 8:15 am to 4:45 pm and some evenings when classes are in session.

Career Advising and Graduate School Planning

The Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development provides career advising to students at any point in their college or post-college experience. Co-ops + Careers assists students and alumni to create career goals by providing them with the tools to gather occupational and employment information while exploring different career paths to make informed and purposeful career decisions. Each student is partnered with a Co-op + Career Advisor with whom to work during their tenure at Wentworth and beyond.  Students will be able to form long-term relationships with their Advisors to ensure that Advisors understand their needs.

Cooperative Education (Co-Op)

Since 1975, Wentworth’s cooperative education program helps students gain career-related experiences.  Cooperative education is an educational strategy integrating academic studies with work experience related to the student’s field of study. It promotes continuous learning between the classroom, the lab or studio and the workplace. Employers and educators share the responsibility of preparing and supporting the student, but the responsibility is on the student to direct their own learning and to make a valuable contribution to the workplace. Students are assigned a Co-op + Career Advisor to work with during their co-op search and co-op semester. In addition, Co-ops + Careers maintains a database of opportunities and hosts on-campus interviews and many career-related events during the year to provide opportunities for our students to meet with employers.

See complete details on Wentworth’s co-op program.

Career Readiness

Co-ops + Careers ensures Wentworth students are ready for the world of work.  Each student should complete a five-week program called Co-op Institute.  This program teaches students about all facets of the job search, professionalism, networking and more.  Students are encouraged to complete the Institute during their sophomore year.  Students are also encouraged to partner with their Co-op + Career Advisor to practice interviewing skills and to learn about social and in-person networking.

The Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development is a wonderful resource for students and alumni.  Users can be sure they will receive current information and learn about all of the tools available to conduct successful employment searches for a sustainable career.

Center for Diversity & Social Justice Programs

Flanagan Campus Center 031, (617) 989-4987

Generously donated by Martin. D. Guyer ’64, The Center for Diversity and Social Justice Programs (formerly known as the Intercultural Center) serves as a gathering space for students, faculty, staff, and guests who are interested in diversity, inclusion, cultural identities, and social justice. Students may utilize the Center to relax and hang out with their friends, attend a club meeting, participate in a workshop, study, or attend an event. The Center aims to be a brave space on campus where we feel supported and challenged as we all work towards a more welcoming and inclusive community. The Center also houses all cultural clubs on campus while sponsoring campus-wide programming.

Wentworth respects and values all members of our campus community. Through our commitment to each other, we create an inclusive environment for learning and citizenship. To achieve this vision, Wentworth offers celebratory and educational programs for the entire campus, as well as supports students from under-represented populations on our campus such as women, students of color and LGBTQA students.

Diversity & Social Justice programs and services are supported by the Center for Diversity & Social Justice Programs and the Student Experience Diversity Committee.

Programs include:

  • Bridges Mentoring Program
  • Beloved Community: Social Justice Retreat
  • Diversity Advocate Work Study Positions
  • Speakers
  • Affinity Month Celebrations
  • Safe Space Trainings
  • Diversity Link
  • Educational Workshops
  • Discussion Groups
  • Diversity Writing Award
  • Diversity Fund (co-sponsorship fund)
  • Scholarships to attend National Conferences

For more information, please visit our website or follow us on Twitter @WITdiversity.

Prayer/Meditation Room

Managed by the Center for Diversity & Social Justice Programs, the Prayer/Meditation room (Flanagan 029), is open to anyone looking for a quiet space to connect spiritually. Meditation cushions, prayer rugs and a foot sink for ablution are available for use. Please note that the Prayer/Meditation room cannot be reserved for private functions or programs. For information about either of these spaces please contact The Prayer/Meditation has been donated in memory of lifetime educators, George and Dolly Whitham.

The Student Experience Diversity Committee

The Student Experience Diversity Committee promotes an environment where identity, beliefs and values are explored in an effort to create self-awareness and perspective taking. The committee recognizes and celebrates difference as an instrument for dialogue, compassion, and education within a community that respects and values the full and equal inclusion of its members. All students, faculty and staff are welcomed to be members. The committee has active subcommittees that work on programming, campus climate assessments, and trainings and workshops.

For more information, or to be a part of the Student Experience Diversity Committee, please contact Alex Cabal, Director of the Center for Diversity & Social Justice Programs, at 617-989-4987 or

Center for Student Engagement

Flanagan Campus Center 026, main number: (617) 989-4080,

Twitter: @witleopard

The Center for Student Engagement connects our community by providing resources, helping students explore interests and celebrating the achievements of the student body. The center provides services in many areas to ensure students are successful from the moment they arrive on campus for Orientation through the last moments as a student during Senior Celebrations. This is done through the following areas:

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is two parts. The first is a two-day, over-night introduction to the Wentworth community for all first-year students. This provides students with the basic knowledge of the campus community as well as the resources and services Wentworth offers. The second part, referred to as Wentworth Opening Week (WOW), is the official welcome program for all first-year and transfer students. Every new student at Wentworth participates in this three-day introduction to college life, which occurs in late August. WOW is an Institute-wide initiative that brings all students, staff, and faculty together to help welcome new students and transition them to life at Wentworth. During WOW, students receive their laptop, meet with their academic advisor, and learn more about their academic program and campus resources.

First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar develops students as engaged learners. To this end, the First Year Seminar focuses on the development of positive academic behaviors, assists students in their transition to Wentworth and supports their personal growth. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, group work and activities, all new students learn about the academic, social and cultural expectations at Wentworth as well as develop skills necessary for success at Wentworth. In addition to teaching the curriculum, instructors serve as a resource to new students, providing transitional and developmental advisement for new students. First Year seminar instructors partner with faculty academic advisors to promote academic advising, counsel at-risk students experiencing academic difficulty, and make appropriate referrals as necessary. Instructors also perform outreach to students in their class to assist with personal transition issues.

Student Organizations

Organizations related to majors, social interests, and club sports are all run through the Center for Student Engagement. View a complete listing of student organizations. Email to find out more about clubs & organizations or for information on how to start your own club. The Activities Fair in September has representatives from each club on the quad to share more about the offerings.


Students may self-select to participate in the Wentworth Leadership Institute, aimed at developing leadership skills, engaging in the practice of leadership, and offering students the opportunity to develop their own leadership style. This is done through workshops, experiential exercises, and non-credit courses.  

Commuter Programs

The Center for Student Engagement provides programs and services to support and enhance the commuter student experience. This includes weekly events held during the day and early evening to accommodate commuter student schedules, a discounted MBTA pass program, complimentary lockers and additional outreach efforts to support students socially and academically. Our Commuter Assistant team is comprised of current commuter student leaders that create programs to build community among commuter students, provide resources and serve as advocates for commuters. Off-campus students find helpful resources for navigating the apartment search, finding roommates, and locating City of Boston Resources on our website. Commuter parking passes are available through the Student Service Center. Wentworth Institute of Technology is not responsible for any lost, damaged, stolen items, from your locker. Follow us at @witcommuters

Programs & Events

Student Engagement also hosts a variety of large-scale events throughout the year. These include Family & Alumni Weekend; Colleges of the Fenway Block Party, Spring Week, and other programs; Senior Celebrations; and the Institute Awards Program. Further support of the Wentworth Events Board creates a robust line up of events & activities throughout the year.

Center for Wellness and Disability Services

Watson Hall 003, Ground Floor, (617) 989-4390
Twitter: @WITwellness 

The mission of the Center for Wellness and Disability Services is to assist students with their mental health, disability accommodation, and wellness education needs so that they may be successful in their academic pursuits. The Center provides services to students needing mental health counseling, accommodations for documented disabilities, and education related to wellness, such as alcohol and other drug use, sexual health, exercise and nutrition. The Center’s ultimate objective is to assist students in achieving the educational goals that brought them to Wentworth.

The Counseling Services area of the Center for Wellness offers a safe, confidential environment where students can share thoughts and feelings, explore issues of concern, and gain awareness and insight into their lives. Counselors are sensitive to issues of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and disabilities.

The Center is staffed by professionally trained Counselors who are available to discuss personal and mental health concerns with students. Counselors are consulted for a number of reasons, which may include anxiety, depression, and concerns regarding sexual assault /sexual violence, problems in relationships, substance abuse, and adjustment to college life.

All students may receive services on a short-term basis, depending on need. When appropriate, students may be referred to another qualified professional in the community who can better meet their specific counseling needs. The services of the Center are available without charge. All sessions with counselors are confidential. No identifiable information will be released without the student’s permission, except in cases of a mental health emergency.  The Center also staffs a Counselor On-Call 24 hours a day for mental health emergencies.  Students may reach the Counselor On-Call by contacting Residential Life staff or Public Safety.

Students can make an appointment in person in Watson 003 or by calling (617) 989-4390. The Center’s Office Coordinator will help schedule a time to meet with a counselor. Every effort is made to accommodate requests in a timely, efficient manner. Most often, appointments can be arranged within a week. In certain situations, evening appointments can be arranged. Questions can also be emailed to the Center for Wellness and Disability Services at


In addition to counseling services, Wentworth’s Center for Wellness also houses Disability Services.  Wentworth Institute of Technology strives to provide students who have disabilities with equal and integrated access to all academic, social and recreational programs. Wentworth subscribes to the policies set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) and in Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which mandates equal opportunity in educational programs and activities for students with disabilities. The ADAAA defines a person with a disability as one who has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities, or has a record of such impairment, or is regarded as having such an impairment. “Major life activities” are functions such as walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, eating, sleeping, learning, reading, concentrating, thinking, communicating, caring for one’s self, performing manual tasks, and working. In addition, major bodily functions involving the following systems: immune, digestive, neurological, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine and reproductive are also considered major life activities.

Students with physical, medical, psychiatric, and learning disabilities are eligible to access Disability Services to arrange for reasonable accommodations. Students are also welcome to schedule ongoing meetings for support, assistance with advocacy, and liaisons with faculty.

Students with disabilities at Wentworth are fully integrated into the community. There are no separate class sections or special programs for students with disabilities. As a relatively small institution, Wentworth seeks to provide individual attention, support, and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. For more information, please visit the Disability Services site.

Wellness Education

Watson Hall, Room 003, (617) 989-4197

Twitter: @WITwellness

The mission of the Office of Wellness Education at Wentworth Institute of Technology is to support student success by educating and empowering students to engage in healthy behaviors and decision-making around issues relating to alcohol and other drugs, relationships and sexual health, sleep, stress, nutrition, and fitness. Wellness Education messaging and programs are grounded in evidence-based health promotion strategies.
The Office of Wellness Education works cooperatively with the Center for Wellness, the Office of Housing and Residential Life, and Health Services to meet the ongoing needs of the Wentworth community. The Office is staffed by a full-time Coordinator and part-time Prevention Specialist. Wellness Education staff are available to consult with individual students seeking information and advice on a variety of health and wellness topics including nutrition and fitness, stress management, sleep difficulties, sexual health, alcohol and drug use, eating concerns, tobacco cessation, and more. Students in need of more support are referred to the Center for Wellness or appropriate community-based programs.

The Office of Wellness Education offers:

  • Individual consultations on health and wellness concerns
  • BASICS (Brief Alcohol/Marijuana Screening and Intervention for College Students)
  • 3rd Millennium online course
  • Drug and Alcohol Education classes
  • “Be a WIThero” bystander intervention program
  • Student Wellness Education & Empowerment Team (SWEET) peer education program
  • Wellness Library
  • Free condoms and other safer sex products
  • Cold & flu care kits
  • Tobacco cessation support and “Quit Kits”
  • Student Health 101 online magazine
  • Events and programs throughout the year

Division of Technology Services (DTS)

Campus Printing

Printing services are offered in the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons on the second and mezzanine floors of Beatty Hall. The library offers both Mac and PC computing platforms as well as traditional black and white and color printing in tabloid format and high speed large format color plotting for student use. Please refer to for hours of operation. Additional printing information and locations are available here.

Campus Network

The Wentworth network connects each campus building via a robust fiber optic backbone. Internet service is provided through the Colleges of the Fenway Area Network (COFAN), a collaboration designed to bring high-speed service to each of the six member colleges. The COFAN backbone features multiple connections to the Internet as well as peering relationships through BostonIX to deliver services in a reliable manner.

Wireless network service is available in all campus buildings including classrooms, offices, residence halls, and common areas. Additionally, several outdoor locations including the main quad and Wentworth front lawn. We are proud members of "eduroam," a service supporting simple and free wireless access at academic institutions in Boston, the United States, and internationally including all six Colleges of the Fenway. Login using your Wentworth email address and password or find out more at

Campus Portal

LConnect is our online portal which serves as a gateway connecting the Wentworth community to frequently used systems across campus. It simplifies information exchange for Wentworth students, faculty, and staff by allowing access to systems and sites with a single, virtual platform. LConnect allows students to register on-line, complete degree audits, view financial aid, and get campus community information. The portal can display personalized data such as grades, schedules, advisor, or account information. LConnect serves as an information hub for the Wentworth community.

Help Desk Support

To contact the DTS Help Desk, e-mail us at or call (617) 989-4500. We can assist with software, hardware, and account troubleshooting including repairs to your Wentworth laptop. Additionally, you are welcome to stop by the Help Desk located in Beatty Hall, Room 320 during our standard hours of operation, Monday through Thursday from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM, and Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM for in-person assistance. Phone support for Blackboard is offered 24x7. Follow us on Twitter @DTSatWIT for tips and tricks, updates on service interruptions, and answers to quick questions.

Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons

Beatty Hall Second & Mezzanine Floors, (617) 989-4040, Circulation Desk:

Reference Desk:, Text: (617) 600-5989
Twitter / Instagram

The Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons is a dynamic, technology-driven space for students and faculty to collaborate and learn. The library is open 7 days per week during the semester, and offers extended hours during final exam periods.  For the most current information about our hours, check the library’s website (

Our librarians select materials in multiple subjects to meet the curricular, informational and educational needs of the Wentworth community. The collection includes physical and digital access to books, journals, databases, and multimedia, with new resources added regularly.  The library provides access to cutting-edge technology tools, printing and scanning services, and also lends technology resources, to ensure you have all you need to make projects successful.

You can borrow materials from beyond Wentworth. Through our online catalog, you can find materials in 9 other local libraries, collectively known as the Fenway Libraries Online, or FLO. We’re also a member of the Fenway Library Consortium (FLC), which allows you to visit and borrow from 6 additional libraries in the area, as long as you remember to bring your Wentworth ID! And, if you need something that is not available through FLO or FLC, we can get it through our Interlibrary Loan service (ILL).

You can also find research assistance in the library. Walk-in assistance is available at our Reference Desk. If you need more in-depth assistance with a specific assignment, project, or theme, you can schedule a one-on-one or group session with a librarian who can offer customized help. The Schumann Library librarians prioritize helping students learn to identify and evaluate the many information resources that can be found through the library or elsewhere online, for their careers at Wentworth and beyond.

The library is also a great place to study. With 8 high-tech group study rooms, a quiet reading room, and many flexible collaboration areas, you will find a spot that fits your needs whether you engaged in interdisciplinary learning with classmates or looking for a solitary space.

The Schumann Library’s collections, services, technology and other resources are here to support your educational, professional and cultural needs. If you’d like additional information, come visit us, or check out the links below.  We welcome you, and look forward to helping you do, learn, and succeed.

Library website

FLO & FLC members:

Flanagan Campus Center

Flanagan Campus Center at Beatty Hall, main number: (617) 989-4636,
Twitter: @witinfohub

The Flanagan Campus Center, located in the ground and first floor of Beatty Hall, provides space for students to relax and collaborate. The Flanagan Campus Center is home to the Info Hub, Beatty Café, Wentworth Bookstore, Schumann Fitness Center, a pool hall, Student Organization Room, Meditation Room, meeting rooms, and numerous breakout and relaxation spaces. The office of Community Standards, Center for Diversity & Social Justice, Center for Student Engagement, and the Schumann Fitness Center are also located in the Flanagan Campus Center.

At the Info Hub, located in the atrium of the ground floor of the Flanagan Campus Center, students can purchase discounted tickets to local movie theaters, the Museum of Science, and occasionally special event tickets to local attractions. Students can also check out, free of charge, AV equipment for the meeting rooms and breakout spaces, chargers, as well equipment for the pool hall with a Wentworth identification.

Housing and Residential Life

Room 101 in The Apartments @ 525, (617)-989-4160,
Twitter: @WITlife

The Office of Housing & Residential Life promotes a safe and inclusive residential community that supports student success through specific programs and services. 


Residential communities are co-educational and overseen by a building staff which includes, live-in professional Resident Director, one Assistant Resident Director (Evans Way/Tudbury only), and student Resident Assistants. Building staff are responsible for an inclusive, welcoming, educational and purposeful community which focuses on personal and social student development. If students have questions or concerns about their living situation, they are encouraged to seek the help of the Resident Assistants or the Resident Director/Assistant Resident Director who are part of their residential community.

Wentworth Institute of Technology is not legally liable for damages or loss of property, for failure or interruption of utilities, or interruption of services due to weather or acts of nature.


Students at Wentworth are strongly encouraged to provide their own personal property loss insurance. Parents should check with their homeowner’s insurance to see if the loss of their students’ property is covered under their existing policy. If not, it is strongly encouraged that a rider is added to cover students’ property while they are living in the residence hall.

Public Safety

610 Huntington Avenue, (617) 989-4400 (non-emergency), (617) 989-4444 (emergency)

The Department of Public Safety provides the Wentworth community with professional protection through medical first response, preventive patrol, law enforcement activities, campus and residential security and safety, safety escorts and parking management. With the aid of electronic security, CCTV and communication systems, campus police and safety personnel deliver vital services to the Wentworth community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, special crime prevention and safety awareness programs are offered to resident and commuter students throughout the academic year. The Department of Public Safety encourages all students to report any suspicious activity immediately to campus police.

All crimes and suspicious activities/ persons on campus should be reported immediately to Public Safety by dialing 617-989-4444 or x4444 from any campus house phone. If there is an emergency off-campus, please dial 911. Public Safety recommends that you program your cell phones with the above number.

It’s easy to spot the campus emergency call boxes - bright silver boxes on poles with blue lights over them. A touch of the call button on the face of the box immediately connects you with the police dispatcher. The police switchboard indicates the location of the phone. Even if you cannot speak into the phone, an officer will be dispatched to the location immediately to assist you.

RAVE Alert is Wentworth’s emergency notification system, used to communicate with the campus community during crisis and emergency situations. This system allows Public Safety to send a text message to your mobile phone, an email to your Wentworth account, and an outdoor mass notification (when appropriate) with important information regarding an emergency situation on or near campus and steps necessary to take to remain as safe as possible. Some examples of emergency situation requiring the use of RAVE include, but are not limited to, active shooter, fire, flood, dangerous person, gas leak, or severe weather.  To sign up to receive RAVE Alerts, please visit the RAVE website.

As a student on an urban campus, you should be aware of your surroundings and observe all safety tips, including the following:

  • Always walk in well-lit areas. Report broken or burned-out lights to the Public Safety Office immediately.
  • When walking alone, be mindful of use of earbuds or use of a cellphone, that you remain aware of your surroundings.
  • When walking at night, remember the buddy system and walk with a friend.
  • Call Public Safety at 617-989-4400 if you would like an escort to anywhere on campus or to the Orange or Green Line T stops.
  • If walking alone at night, walk briskly and be alert to your surroundings. Don’t offer directions to approaching cars. If you feel you are being followed, go where there will be other people around and where assistance is available.
  • Never prop doors open in any Wentworth building and always close any doors if you see that they are open.  Notify Public Safety should you encounter a propped door.
  • Keep your car and room doors locked at all times.
  • Be aware of the emergency telephone numbers on campus. We encourage all students to program the Wentworth Public Safety emergency number, 617-989-4444 in their phones.

If living in the residence halls, remember to

  • Keep draperies and shades drawn in the evening and at other appropriate times.
  • Keep exterior doors of the residence buildings locked. Never prop doors open and always close any doors if you see that they are open.
  • Door propping is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.


Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. The program is a comprehensive, women-only course that begins with awareness, prevention and risk reduction, while developing basic hands-on defense. The Wentworth Police Department offers this program free of charge to the women of our community. Classes are offered in the Fall and Spring semester.  A similar program is offered to men.

Public Safety provides safety escort services for all members of the Wentworth community, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to any points on campus and to local Orange Line and Green Line T stops as well as local hospitals for non-serious medical issues.

Articles that have been lost or found should be reported and turned in to the Public Safety Office. Proper identification on all belongings will help ensure that they are returned to their owners.

All students who wish to use Wentworth parking facilities must register their vehicles or motorcycles and obtain a valid parking permit from the Student Services Office.

Overnight parking is not available to first year and sophomore students. All overnight parkers must live on campus. Overnight parking is restricted to residents in their junior or senior years or students who are on co-op and living on campus. Parking permits are on sale during the first week of classes each semester. Students must show their student ID and registration in order to purchase parking permits. Parking permits are sold on a first-come-first served basis at the Student Service Center located in Williston Hall (there are a limited number of parking passes available). For more information visit online or call Public Safety at 617-989-4400.

Wentworth is not responsible for cars parked in its lots or for the contents of those cars. Public Safety will provide what protection they can, but each owner is advised to carry insurance to protect against any losses that may occur. Cars should be securely locked at all times with laptops and other valuables secured in the trunk or otherwise out of sight. If you see something suspicious in a parking lot, or someone attempting to steal or vandalize a car, immediately call the Public Safety emergency number, 617-989-4444.

For additional information on Public Safety, visit our site.

Student Affairs

Rubenstein Hall, 003 (617) 989-4702
Social Media: Twitter- @DeanWenner, @DeanPFowler, @DeanKosses

The Office of Student Affairs acts as a resource, referral agent and advocate for students. Staffed by the Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Students, Coordinator of Community Standards, and Assistant to the Deans, the Office of Student Affairs provides information and support for students regarding non-academic and, in some instances, academic matters. Student Affairs oversees the following departments: Center for Student Engagement, Center for Cooperative Education + Career Development, Center for Wellness & Disability Services, Center for Diversity & Social Justice Programs, Housing and Residential Life, and the Schumann Fitness Center. The Office of Student Affairs also oversees student compliance with the Student Code of Conduct and the processes used to administer the Code and student conduct.

Through the Office of Student Affairs, students can:

• Receive support for personal, financial, or academic matters,
• Receive information regarding Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA),
• Inquire about services, resources, and opportunities available on campus,
• Seek assistance with Student Code of Conduct violations,
• Receive assistance in long term absences from the Institute (for example: hospitalization, bereavement, religious observance etc…)
• Receive a Wentworth Student Handbook.

Student Service Center

Williston Hall, Room 101, 617-989-4020 or 800-222-9368,

The Student Service Center is a one-stop-shop where you can get help for everything from registering for your classes, applying to financial aid and paying your bills. The SSC houses the offices of Financial Aid, Billing (Student Financial Services), the Registrar, and International Student Services.

The Financial Aid staff is dedicated to counseling students and families on the different types of financial aid available to them. Over 80% of our students receive some form of financial aid to help make the educational investment in their future more affordable.

We offer guidance on:
• Completion of the FAFSA
• Federal and Private Student Loans
• Scholarship and Grant Information
• Student Employment
• Financial Literacy (Debt Management, Loan Consolidation and Repayment)

BILLING (Student Financial Services)
The Office of Student Financial Services is responsible for the overall maintenance of your tuition account.  We are committed to assisting you and your families in developing a financial plan that helps you pay your tuition bill. Working closely with your Financial Aid Counselor, we can help you figure out how to best combine your financial aid package with alternative loans, parent loans, and with a monthly payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to settle your financial obligations to Wentworth.

The team in the Registrar’s Office serves as a "behind the scenes" facilitator for faculty, students, and staff as they pursue the academic goals of the university. Specifically, we are here to assist students with the registration process, once they have worked with their faculty advisor to select the appropriate courses for their program(s) of study.  In addition, we oversee graduation and veteran affairs, maintain and update student records, and generate transcripts and enrollment verifications.

We are committed to providing each student with the resources and information they need to make enrolling for each academic and co-op semester as easy as possible.  Important dates regarding upcoming registration periods are posted on the SSC website, and students are also notified via email and LConnect.

Located in the Student Service Center, International Student Services provides assistance to approximately 340 Wentworth international students from about 55 different countries. These services include advising and assistance with maintaining valid non-immigrant status, obtaining employment permission, preparation of travel documents, and adjustment to living and studying in the United States. ISS provides programs such as International Student Orientation, International Student Career Workshop and Around the World Intercultural Celebration for Wentworth international students and the WIT community and also collaborates with members of the Colleges of the Fenway consortium to provide services such as tax software and programs such as an International Student Thanksgiving Dinner.

ISS staff is available for appointments during Student Service Center hours.