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Fifth Annual Wentworth Expo

A Showcase of Student Excellence

This year's Wentworth Expo will be on Wednesday, March 22 from 4-6pm in the Watson Auditorium

Support this year's participants

The Lebanese Club: A Message Of Diversity

Bachar Al Hady, Houssam Antar, Amir Mourad, Sarah El Daccache, Miriam Massaad, Karim Hamady, Joe Aroush


Andrea Welsh, Tyler Nguyen, Merna Hadid

Rdl expression impacts circadian rhythm and locomotion in Drosophila melanogaster

Stephanie MacDonald

College Schedule Builder

Jake Harrington, Matt Garofola, Dominic Laudate

Node JS Interactive North America Conference

Ethan Arrowood

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Shannon Sturtz

Automatic Score Keeper (ASK) For Cornhole Via Computer Vision

Tologon Eshimkanov

WECo Attends 2016 GreenBuild in LA with Professional Development Grant

Andrew Breiter-Wu, Victor Francis Dulig, Peter Comeau

WIRE named #1 internet radio station in the country

Evan Chu, Dave Krieder, Sarah Davis, Connor Levitt, Jeffrey Conner, Maddie Duggan, Derek Cannistraro, Bachar Al Hady, Joe Taglia, John Sanders

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Christian Blaise, Nnang Maripe

Wentworth E-Bar

Peter Comeau, James Fan, Jason Hasko, Nate Villemaire


Anthony Grzegowski

ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition

Jared Talamini, Garrett Guilmett

ASME Student Design Competition

Jared Talamini, Nick Stratton, Andrew Zucker, Josh Lothrop, Emilie Tonucci, Tom Dorman, Josh Caron, Garrett Guilmett

Impact of Water Sources on Drosophila melonogaster

Katherine Vilardi

NAHB Student Chapter: Residential Construction Management Competition

Megan Rajner, Will Peters, Leo Canales-Wong, Jacqueline Horner

An Infinitude of Proofs for the Infinitude of Primes

Matthew Bradley

World Workplace 2016

Nate Corbett, Jessy Lecaj

Engineers Without Borders

Deanna Kondek, Gavin Graham


Brad Sylvestre