Annual Awards Recipients 2020

The Annual Awards program honors students who are leaders and scholars. 

Henry Adams Awards

The American Institute of Architects awards a certificate of merit to the top-ranking graduating student in each accredited school of architecture. The Henry Adams Medal is awarded for general excellence in architecture throughout the professional degree program.

  • Hannah O'Toole, MARC

Alpha Rho Chi

The Alpha Rho Chi award is given to a graduating student in each school of architecture who has shown a commitment to maintaining Architecture and the Allied Arts as noble professions, and who shows the promise of strong professional achievement.

  • Jordan Stickles, MARC
  • Michael Bair, BSA

Cooperative Education Award

Named in honor of Edward T. Kirkpatrick, former President of Wentworth Institute of Technology from 1971-1990 whose contributions include the introduction and integration of cooperative education to Wentworth’s curriculum, the Cooperative Education Awards are presented to senior co-op students who receive outstanding employer evaluations, show motivation and professionalism both in the job search and on the job, and who have an enthusiastic and positive attitude toward the total co-op experience.

  • Maddy Tomastik, BSAM
  • Shuxin Huang, BSA
  • Nellie Meme, BCOT
  • Thach Pham, BEET
  • Joshua Oldro, BBME
  • Jason Pisani, BSM
  • Nicole Barbagallo, BSCE
  • Gabriela Bubalo, BSCO
  • Allon Guseynov, BSIS
  •  Jaycob Monteiro, BSCN
  •  Sonia Onwenga, BCOS
  • Allison Fortunato, BSCM
  • John Huynh, BSEE
  • Patrick Tierney, BELM
  • Tara Courtney Quillinan, BIND
  • Jasmine Andrade, BSEN
  • Iesha Tejeda, BINT
  •  Karan Patel, BSME

Leadership Awards

The leadership awards are given to students in each year who have consistently been involved with an organization/club/leadership role at Wentworth.  The student regularly demonstrates enthusiasm toward and passion for their role on campus.  This student serves as a strong role model for their classmates displays potential for success in future leadership roles.

  • Elijah Fernandez– Sophomore Leadership
  • Ben Bassett – Junior Leadership

Outstanding Student Employee

The Outstanding Student Employee Award is presented to a Wentworth student in good standing who is employed through the Financial Aid Office in a work-study or student employment position, and exhibits commitment and interest in his/her position while demonstrating responsibility, cooperation with coworkers, initiative, a good attitude and potential for success as a manager in the work force.

  • Alyssa Lohr

Paragon Award

The Paragon Award is presented to a graduating senior who has continually demonstrated a pattern of excellence within their organization or as a leader on campus.  The recipient is someone who may not necessarily hold an executive position, but who is considered by many to be a leader among leaders.  This person has consistently been a team player and continually rises to challenges.  This student’s efforts are extremely appreciated by their organization and the Wentworth Community.

  • Leah Rogoz

President's Awards

The President’s Awards honor one graduating senior in each major for academic excellence and consistent involvement in co-curricular activities. Students maintain high standards of academic achievement while making outstanding contributions to the Wentworth community through involvement in athletics, student leadership and/or student organizations.

  • Julianna Bernardi, BSAM
  • Danielle DiNoia, BSA
  • Timothy Murray, BBME
  •  Paige Taylor, BSM
  • Carmen Leung, BSCE
  •  Lucas Lavallee, BSCO
  • Matthew Collins, BSIS
  • Connor Crosby, BSCN
  • Shawn Toubeau, BCOS
  • Alexia Ralphs, BSCM
  • Samuel Smith, BSEE
  • Kristina Zunino, BELM
  • Julie McKenna, BSEN
  • Paige Huntress-Parr, BIND
  • Keara Washburn, BINT
  • Kayleigh Stirrat, MARC
  • Samantha Morandi, MSCM 
  • Daniel DeMille, MSFM
  • Jack Connolly, BSME

Resident Assistant of the Year

The Resident Assistant of the Year Award is presented to a current Resident Assistant who has significantly impacted the residential community by fostering an atmosphere that promotes acceptance, learning, and positive social interaction. The recipient exhibits superior leadership qualities and consistently excels in all areas of the position.

  • Caroline Lynch

Student Organization of the Year Award

The Student Organization of the Year Award is presented to the outstanding student organization which best exhibits student involvement in organization activities, commitment to Student Life at Wentworth, represents Wentworth in a positive manner, and encourages the development of leadership skills in its members.

  • Phi Sigma Pi (PSP)

Unsung Hero 

The Unsung Hero Award is presented to a student in good standing who exhibits commitment to Wentworth through consistent involvement within the campus community. Named in honor of Philip A. Brooks, whose dedication and commitment to Wentworth serves as an example of selfless contribution to the Institute, the recipient of this award, who may or may not hold a leadership position on campus, exceeds all expectations, consistently volunteers their time for Wentworth events and projects, and serves as a role model for all students.

  • Angie Demarco

Wentworth Bowl

The Wentworth Bowl is presented annually to a graduating senior in excellent academic standing in honor of her/his consistent involvement and contributions to the Wentworth community. This award is the highest honor a student may receive in recognition of outstanding, overall participation in Wentworth activities and the winner will be announced at the Annual Awards.

Wentworth Bowl Winner 

  •  Jasmine Andrade

Wentworth Bowl Nominees

  • Taylor Frothingham
  • Christopher Norve
  • Claire Quick
  • Amanda Siciliano
  • Shannon Sturtz
  • Kristina Zunino