Phase III

Lead The Way To Positive Change In Your Community!

Phase III concludes the formally guided exploration of leadership for students and push their leadership skills to new heights. Students in Phase III are tasked with choose a community, explore it thoroughly, and identify an issue that affects it. Using their skills in leadership as well as their own unique set of skills, students will work to find and implement possible solutions that will benefit the community. The timeline, group size, and implementation specifics are up to each individual student.


Phase III is a free, year-long, non-credit independent study course that has no regular meeting time during the fall and spring semesters. Students meet with a staff “Coach” only 3 times (at minimum) through the year to update on their status. Students must satisfy all requirements of Phase III to receive their Certificate of Leadership Development at the Annual Awards Program in April.

The Social Innovation Lab (Powered by Accelerate)

Phase III partners up with Social Innovation Lab offering students many new and exciting resources should students need them. Through meetings with innovators, investors, and community minded mentors, students will be able to think more about leadership with a social justice focus while getting the resources they need to help with their project. While the Social Innovation lab focuses on external leadership factors, Phase III focuses on internal leadership factors.


Wentworth Leadership Institute coursework is designed to expose students to leadership concepts that encouraging deep, personal learning, fast assimilation of conceptual models and practical application to use at Wentworth and in future careers. All phases utilize a variety of teaching methods but ultimately include some form of experiential learning, practical application, and reflective learning.

Coach Meetings Topics

  • First Coach Meeting Topics: Finalizing your project, incorporating your Phase II Personal Profile, and SMART goal setting for your project.)
  • Second Coach Meeting Topics: Reflecting of progress, planning for spring semester)
  • Third Coach Meeting Topics: Closing out your experience, prepping for Wentworth Expo)


  • Wentworth Expo: March 23, 2015 - Students present their project to the campus community
  • Annual Awards Program: Date TBD – Wentworth Leadership Institute graduates will be honored with a Certificate of Leadership Development.

Course Instructors

Wentworth Leadership Institute courses are facilitated by Wentworth staff & faculty members that are committed to and trained in leadership education. Course instructors are available to work with students throughout the year.

How to Register

Those who are eligible for Phase III will be notified about registration in the summer semester and Phase III will begin in the fall semester.


Email: or call the Office of Campus Life at 617-989-4080.

"Leadership. . . the ability to guide, direct, or influence people in a way that has great merit, character, and value".

(Thompson, Phillips, Grahek & Fay, 2008)