Phase II

Continue Your Leadership Journey By Examining The World Around You...

Phase II continues the exploration of leadership in a new format and with topics that fit in a global professional setting. Students will be discussing leadership in new ways allowing for open and honest dialogue about leadership with peers. A retreat/conference will allow students to learn about leadership in a professional setting. This advanced leadership course utilizes a mix of guided open discussion and group activities to challenge perspectives and learn some advanced concepts of leadership and professional life.


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Phase II is a free, non-credit course that meets once per week during the spring and summer semesters. Sessions are offered on a variety of days/times. Students must satisfy all requirements of Phase II before advancing to Phase III. 


Wentworth Leadership Institute coursework is designed to expose students to leadership concepts that encouraging deep, personal learning, fast assimilation of conceptual models and practical application to use at Wentworth and in future careers. All phases utilize a variety of teaching methods but ultimately include some form of experiential learning, practical application, and reflective learning. 

Course Topics

  • Discussion Session 1: Class Teambuilding & Communication 
  • Discussion Session 2: Inclusion 
  • Discussion Session 3: Ethic
  • Discussion Session 4: Teamwork 

Course Instructors

Wentworth Leadership Institute courses are facilitated by Wentworth staff & faculty members that are committed to and trained in leadership education. Course instructors are available to work with students throughout the year.


Email or call 617-989-4080.

"Leadership. . . the ability to guide, direct, or influence people in a way that has great merit, character, and value".

(Thompson, Phillips, Grahek & Fay, 2008)

  • Monday (beginning 2/1) 3-4:30pm