Phase I

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Phase I of the Wentworth Leadership Institute takes the form of a free, eight week, non-credit course designed to enhance each participant's Capacity, Commitment and Character to lead. Grounded in the Worthy Leadership Model (2008), This introductory leadership course utilizes a mix of short lecture and group activities to engage each student and introduce them to fundamental concepts of leadership education and professional life.


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Throughout eight weeks, students will meet weekly during the Spring semester. Classes are offered on a variety of days/times including a weekend intensive consisting of 2 Saturdays. After 8 weeks, students will be administered a short open book assessment the reviews the material. Students must satisfy all requirements of Phase I before advancing to Phase II.


Wentworth Leadership Institute coursework is designed to expose students to leadership concepts that encouraging deep, personal learning, fast assimilation of conceptual models and practical application to use at Wentworth and in their future career. All courses utilize a variety of teaching methods but ultimately include some form of experiential learning, practical application, and reflective learning.

Course Topics

  • What is Leadership?
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Adaptability
  • Inclusion
  • Ethics & Living According to Your Value
  • Identifying your Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Teamwork & How to be an Effective Member of a Team

Class Sessions

Since attending all 8 classes is required for completion of Phase I students may attend another class period if they had to miss their assigned course.  Please email Chris Scanlon at to RSVP for a different class period. See the schedule above to determine if the class fits the topic you've missed. 


Please email or call the Office of Campus Life at 617-989-4080.

"Leadership. . . the ability to guide, direct, or influence people in a way that has great merit, character, and value."

(Thompson, Phillips, Grahek & Fay, 2008)