Faculty Resources

Below is information for Wentworth Faculty looking to get involved in campus activities or looking to help students with their on-campus involvement.  Please feel free to contact the Center for Student Engagement  617-989-4080 or at studentengagement@wit.edu with questions.

Professional Development Grants

Professional Development Grants are one time use grants to help students to complement their education through professional development.  If you know of students that are competing in academic competitions, attending conferences or otherwise developing professional skills outside the classroom please encourage them to apply for a professional development grant.

Professional Development Grant information

Advising a Student Organization

Advising a Student Organization is a great way to connect with students outside the classroom.  Maybe you all have a common interest, or maybe you're just looking to do more on campus. Either way, we'd love to have you.

Please email our Coordinator for Student Engagement Lauren Tyger at tygerl@wit.edu

We will be reaching out to interested faculty and staff on an as needed basis, as new groups start forming that are looking for an advisor. So, it may be a little while before you hear from us, but once you fill out the form we'll keep you in our system,

Let us help you publicize your events

Looking to advertise your events around campus?  Campus Life can help you in three ways.  

Posters - If you print out posters for your event we will happily approve and hang them for you.  Just bring them to Flanagan 026 and we'll hang them within 2 business days.  Be sure to let us know if they're going in the academic campus, the residence halls, or both.  Don't forget to review the posting policy so you print enough posters.

Campus Update - Each week the Center for Student Engagement puts out a weekly email called "The Campus Update" that publicizes upcoming events.  The campus update is created every Friday and is distributed every Monday morning via the Wentworth messaging system.  To include your event please send the title, location, time and a short description of your event to Student Engagement Office Coordinator Matt Giannelli giannellim1@wit.edu  by noon on the Thursday before you'd like it to appear.  (ex.  if you'd like your event to appear in the campus update that goes out on Monday 3/18 about events between Monday 3/18 and Sunday 3/24, you would need to send your event in by noon on Thursday 3/14.)  Contact Matt with any questions

TV Screen at the Info Hub-  Any office on campus can utilize the TV at the Flanagan Info Hub to advertise. To create a TV ready advertisement all you have to do is create your advertisement in any program (word, publisher, even PowerPoint) in landscape orientation.  Save your file as a portable network graphic (PNG) and email it to the Center for Student Engagement at studentengagement@wit.edu.   Be sure to include the dates you would like your ad to start and end.  You can also advertise via text that appear at the bottom, to do so email Center for Student Engagement at studentengagement@wit.edu with your text and the days you'd like it to appear.