Advertising Lead

Supervisor and Contact Information 


Type of Student Work 

Both Federal Work Study and Leopard Work



Student Employer 


Employer Location 

Willson Hall 2nd floor

Purpose of job, duties, and responsibilities. 

  • Responsible for marketing and generating new marketing ideas
  • Check in with Coop (Alex) one week before each event and start:
  • Hanging posters (see location list – important are offices!!!)
  • Dropping A-Stand posters to physical plant 5 days before event, so they can place A-stands outside 3 days before event
  • Distributing table stands in cafeteria
  • Distribute flyers to strategic locations, e.g. campus center tables, cafeteria glass cube
  • Place poster tube A outside weather permitting 2 days before event (put flyers in tubes)
  • After an event:
  • First thing the day after the event is to collect the materials back together
  • Count table stands (did we loose any?)
  • Take posters off
  • Bring poster tube A back inside
  • New ideas – consider new marketing ideas, e.g. create poster barrel to be placed on quad


Assistance with Accelerate events as needed.



Interest in position field necessary