Vehicles and Parking

To ensure the safe and efficient use of available limited parking at the Institute, the Institute has established the following regulations and rules concerning vehicle use and parking.

  1. Permit/Expired Permits: Vehicles found in any of the Wentworth parking lots without displaying a valid permit will be subject to towing at owner’s expense.
  2. Forged Permit: Vehicles displaying a forged parking permit will be immediately towed at the owner’s expense and the student responsible for violating this policy will face disciplinary actions.
  3. Parking permits can only be purchased and used by Wentworth students and shall not be replicated, lent, sold, or transferred to another party.
  4. Handicapped/Disabled Parking: Vehicles parked in designated Handicapped/Disabled parking spaces that do not have required documentation will be towed at owner’s expense.
  5. No Parking/Tow Zone: Vehicles parked in designated no parking or tow zones will be towed at owner’s expense.
  6. Reserved/Designated Areas: Resident students, with a valid overnight permit, are permitted to park in either the East or Ira Allen (Annex Lot) only. Vehicles in any other lot will be subjected to immediate towing at the owner’s expense.
  7. Obstructing Driveway or Access: Vehicles obstructing driveways or access will be subject to towing at owner’s expense.
  8. Unauthorized Hours: Vehicles in lots after hours will be subject to towing at owner’s expense.
  9. Repeated and/or serious parking or traffic violations will be referred to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action.