Illegal and Controlled Substances and Prescription Drugs

Wentworth strives for a drug free environment and takes seriously the negative effects illegal drugs and controlled substances have on its students and this community. The Institute expects students to comply with state and federal laws and will hold students accountable for violations based on smell alone.

In addition to facing both state and federal punishment, students engaging in, but not limited to the following conduct will be in violation of the Wentworth Code of Conduct and subject to discipline:

  1. The odor, possession, use, or the sale and/or distribution of illegal and/or controlled and/or counterfeit substances is prohibited.
  2. The presence of residue or paraphernalia, including but not limited to bongs, scales, stems, and pipes is prohibited.
  3. Prescription drugs: The use of prescription drugs for non-medical reasons is prohibited. Prescription drugs may only be used and possessed by the student to which they are prescribed. Prescription drugs must be stored in the labeled container in which they were prescribed.  Students should only possess a reasonable quantity of prescribed medication based upon the prescription and dosage requirements.

Refer to Important Rights of Wentworth for the Institute policy on medical marijuana.

Illegal Substances, Prescription Drug Violation - Wentworth Sanctions

The following are possible sanctions imposed for violations. Sanctions are dependent upon the severity and circumstances of each incident as well as the type of substance.

First level violations may include but are not limited to: possession of a personal use sized quantity of marijuana, odor, possession of drug paraphernalia, marijuana seeds/stems.

  1. Disciplinary Warning or Housing Probation;
  2. $250 fine;
  3. Drug Education Class;
  4. Parental/Guardian Notification.

Second level violations may include but are not limited to: second violation of first level violation, use of illegal substances and drugs.

  1. Institute Probation;
  2. Housing Suspension (if applicable);
  3. $300 fine;
  4. Individual Drug Education;
  5. Parental/Guardian Notification;
  6. 12 hours community service.

Third level violations may include but are not limited to: multiple first level or second level violations, possession of illegal or counterfeit substances and drugs, distribution, intent to distribute

  1. Suspension and/or Expulsion from the Institute;
  2. Parental/Guardian Notification;

Federal and Massachusetts Sanctions

The penalties for possession and distribution of illegal drugs and controlled substances are found on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration web site at Massachusetts penalties for possession and distribution of illegal drugs and controlled substances are located at M. G.L, Chapter 94C. Persons convicted of drug offenses can lose their licenses for up to five years.