Wentworth students may participate in approved peaceful demonstrations when they will not and do not interfere with or disrupt the educational or institutional mission or goals of the Institute, are or become unsafe and/or place the Institute at risk, and/or deny, obstruct or impede physical movement to, from, or within any place on the campus or property controlled, rented, leased or owned by Wentworth (including anywhere in or outside of the United States), referred to as “Wentworth Property.”

A demonstration is a gathering or activity that:

  • Is held in an open outside space and/or common space (including inside buildings and residences);
  • The purpose or impact is to show support for or against a cause, viewpoint, events, or political, social or culture issue.​

1. Application

  • Only Wentworth students may apply for a demonstration.  A written application for a demonstration must be submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students (or designee) at least 3 business days before the demonstration is to begin. The application must include the student(s) name, time, date, location of the demonstration, speakers’ names, if any, approximate number of student participants and an explanation of how the demonstration will reflect the tenets of the Leopard’s Oath. More information may be sought by the Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students. Depending on the application information, additional information sought and received and possible counter-demonstrations/protests, more time may be necessary for a review.
  • The Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students will contact the student(s) as to whether or not the application is approved. It is in Wentworth’s sole discretion to deny an application or cancel, postpone, or modify an approved demonstration.

2. Demonstrations/demonstrators, and counter-demonstrations/protests/protesters shall not:

a. Deny or infringe upon the rights or result in harassment of Wentworth students, faculty, staff, contractors, or guests;

b. Disrupt or interfere (by volume, number of participants or banners, placards, leaflets, or other types of written messages) with the educational or institutional mission or goals or other activities on the campus or Wentworth property;

c. Deny, obstruct, or restrict pedestrian movement or vehicular traffic on the campus or Wentworth property;

d. Deny, obstruct, or restrict use of any facilities or property on the campus or Wentworth property:

e. Endanger the safety of any person;

f. Result in littering, defacement, or destruction of property on the campus or Wentworth property;

g. Violate the Wentworth Student Code of Conduct, or any other Institute policy;

h. Violate city regulations, or state or federal law.

3. Demonstrators and counter-demonstrators/protestors shall not:

          a. Wear facial coverings (e.g. masks, bandanas). Exceptions may be made for required religious attire/garb;

b. Bring glass products, poles, clubs, bats, wooden signs, signs with solid handles, or anything that could be used as a weapon;

c. Bring torches, aerosol products, mace, pepper spray, firearms, explosives/fireworks, sharp objects, knives, shields, ammunition (live or empty shell casings), other weapons, or dangerous chemicals;

d. Bring carrying/storage cases, including but not limited to coolers, large bags, duffle bags, suitcases. Backpacks and purses may be restricted or subject to search and seizure as deemed necessary by Wentworth Public Safety or administration.

4. Demonstrators and counter-demonstrators/protestors shall:

a. Comply with the directions of Wentworth’s Department of Public Safety, Wentworth administration, and/or the Boston Police Department or other law enforcement.

b. Conduct dialogue with respect and civility;

c. Comply with the tenets outlined in the Leopard’s Oath.