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Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Five Strategic Planning Initiatives

Wentworth has mapped its strategic plan onto a Strategy Map that reflects the strategic initiatives we are pursuing. Our Strategy Map includes five overarching themes focused on education, innovation, branding and marketing, resources, and organizational development.

Download the Wentworth Strategy Map (pdf)

Strategic Initiative 1 - E (Educational)
Create Transformational Educational Experiences

E-1: Achieve superior results with our students
Deepen and expand student opportunities for academic achievement, career success and engaged citizenship.

E-2: Expand learning opportunities
Expand the learning opportunities for traditional and adult learners through new: programs, competency-based programs, delivery formats, geographies, strategic partnerships, and increased global learning opportunities.

E-3: Integrate, Externally-collaborative, Project-based, Interdisciplinary Curricula for Learning (EPIC Learning) across the Institute
Modify faculty and student schedules and workloads to ensure cross-departmental, real-world projects with participation and support from industry and community partners.

E-4: Grow relevant, challenging co-ops
Increase engagement of employers to create work experiences that are meaningful to students and provide personal and professional challenge.

Strategic Initiative 2 - I (Innovation)
Embrace A Culture Of Innovation And Creativity

I-1: Establish a dynamic organization embracing discovery, innovation, and collaboration
Increase interdisciplinary, innovative, and entrepreneurial thinking of our students by delivering programming, mentoring and networking with internal and external stakeholders.

I-2: Focus on expanding industry and community partnerships
Bring together students, faculty, alumni, community and industry partners to refine and improve existing products, services and processes and design and develop new ones.

Strategic Initiative 3 - M (Marketing)
Position And Promote Wentworth

M-1: Develop and execute an integrated brand strategy Leveraging research data, oversee an integrated marketing communications plan that maximizes internal and external communication tools and human capital to ensure a consistent brand.

M-2: Develop centralized marketing communication strategies and processes. Improve culture of communication and transparency. Elevate the communications and marketing function by partnering with all departments for consistency in communications initiatives. Improve culture of communications and transparency.

Strategic Initiative 4 - R (Resources)
Enhance Institutional Resources

R-1: Enhance financial strength
Develop relationships and support among our varied constituencies to secure the financial resources required to help Wentworth optimize its balance sheet, including through increased fundraising activity.

R-2: Build facilities infrastructure
Update academic facilities, provide modern student housing, improve Wentworth’s edges and enhance pedestrian connections while continuing to keep our academics at the forefront of technology.

R-3: Build IT support organization into an institutional strategic partnership
Build relationships across the Institute to ensure that technology solutions are creating opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiencies and are agile enough to facilitate innovation.

R-4: Pursue operational efficiencies
Effectively establish sustainable standards, encourage collaborative opportunities, reduce redundancies and promote cost effective procurement practices.

Strategic Initiative 5 - O (Organizational)
Engage, Empower, And Recruit A Diverse Wentworth Community

O-1: Deepen engagement of students
Create an educational experience and campus culture that results in all students embracing their lifelong role in the Wentworth family.

O-2: Enhance faculty/staff development, satisfaction, and retention
Create a positive work environment by investing in professional development and recognition programs and delivering competitive benefit and compensation plans.

O-3: Attract and retain the best diverse faculty, staff, and students
To create an engaged, empowered, and diverse community, we will recruit outstanding faculty, staff, and students which will benefit from and make positive contributions.

O-4: Fully engage alumni in the vision and life of the Institute
Develop a lifelong community of alumni through the offering of diversified and meaningful engagement opportunities to foster increased pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and philanthropic commitment.

O-5: Diversity as a business practice
Integrate diversity into the daily life of Wentworth by engaging all students and employees, as well as cultivating external partnerships, to demonstrate a commitment to the realization of inclusive programs, services facilities, policies, and procedures.


Wentworth's seal was created by Arthur Williston, Wentworth's first principal. It is based on founder Arioch Wentworth's family shield, from the 13th century. Williston framed the shield with a banner bearing four fundamental virtues: honesty, energy, economy, and system.