Strategic Plan: Our Legacy and Our Moment

The University of Now hasn’t always been our tagline, but it has always been our ethos. Wentworth was launched at a time when American society was in transition. Post-Civil War industrial expansion, urbanization, and immigration created both the need for new economic and employment opportunities and the means of fulfilling that need.

In that context, our university’s founder Arioch Wentworth perceived a gap in the educational opportunities available to clever and ambitious young people for whom a traditional education was impractical and uninteresting. A mechanic by trade, Mr. Wentworth attributed his own professional success to knowing how to use his hands, and he wanted others to follow in his footsteps. To implement his vision at scale, he resolved to launch a school based on honesty, energy, economy, and system that would prepare graduates to excel and advance in their chosen fields of endeavor.

A robust model for then and now

Mr. Wentworth predicted that the Institute would someday prove of greater value than schools that sought to teach their students solely through classroom lecture—which indeed it has. And while hands-on, action-oriented learning is a relatively recent addition to many college curricula, it has been the powerful, pervasive, and professionally relevant core of Wentworth’s programs for more than a century.

  • This ethos has kept our university continually restless and ambitious. As inheritors of this legacy, we have many strengths on which to build.
  • Wentworth offers the educational programs for which there is strong labor market demand.
  • Wentworth integrates applied learning through curricular and co-curricular engagement.
  • Wentworth serves as a school of opportunity for first-generation college students, young men and women from lower-income and working-class families, veterans of war, urban youth, and women breaking barriers in technical fields.
  • Wentworth attracts and retains highly dedicated faculty and staff.
  • Wentworth creates and sustains strong institutional and community partnerships.

All these factors enable us to produce graduates who consistently bring extraordinary value to their organizations and to the world.