Applied Sciences Degree

New Bachelor of Science in Applied Science degree program.

The department of Sciences is please to announce our new four year degree program in Applied Science. The Bachelor of Science in Applied Science (BSAS) program is a flexible, interdisciplinary four-year degree which dynamically prepares students for a career in the sciences. Students in the program have a unique opportunity to gain a solid grounding in more than one science by developing advanced technical skills in biology, chemistry, and physics. In addition to careers in laboratory research, scientific education, and technical writing, graduates will also be prepared for graduate studies in any of the sciences.

The broader General Science degree is normally only used in the preparation of educators, where the general science component is not the main focus of the degree. The BSAS program offers students a unique opportunity to gain a solid grounding in more than one science.  Moreover, the emphasis on experiential learning allows Wentworth to leverage the polytechnic learning model to construct a degree which exposes the student to a rigorous, hands-on exploration of the scientific disciplines in an applied sense by relating the theoretical concepts to active research projects, which range from modern medicine to astrophysics.

While there are many science programs available in the Boston area, they almost exclusively provide students instruction in a single discipline (chemistry, physics or biology) rather than providing a strong foundation in more than one area of study. This reduces the potential flexibility of students who graduate from those single-science programs and reduces employability post-graduation. The BSAS program provides students with an interest in science with a scientific systems learning model whereby they are not limited to one specific discipline. Given that all scientific disciplines rely upon one another, this program will focus on the natural interdisciplinary nature of science and allow students to investigate and gain competence in related scientific disciplines.

The interdisciplinary nature of the BSAS program is not only in line with the Institute’s mission and vision, but also in line with the expectations of today's job market. The BSAS program includes extensive laboratory experience, which allows a student to seek in-demand careers in sectors such as biotechnology or the pharmaceutical industry. The computational component of the degree allows for employment potential in data science and data analytics. Furthermore, the BSAS program has an abundance of resources in place to prepare students for graduate programs in any of the scientific fields.

The BSAS program is scheduled to launch in Fall 2019.  Please click here for a tentative tracking sheet.