Minor in Physics (PHYSM)

This minor is aimed at providing a focus for students who are interested in a Minor in Physics (PHYSM) to supplement their major with a stronger foundation in the physical sciences, as well as expose the student to working directly on the scientific method in a sub field physics of their choice, in a collaborative and interdisciplinary research based project.

To earn the Minor in Physics, students must complete the courses (16 total credits) as outlined below. Unless noted otherwise, all courses bear 4 credits.

2 Required Core Physics Courses - 8 credits

  • PHYS 1250 Engineering Physics I
  • PHYS 1750 Engineering Physics II

Physics Electives - 8 credits*

  • PHYS 2500 Modern Physics
  • PHYS406 Special Topics
  • PHYS370 Directed Research in Physics

*A minimum of 4 credits must be from directed research courses (PHYS370 or PHYS406) as approved by the research lead professor and the department chair and posted on LConnect. These courses will be easily identified by the inclusion of the words “Directed Research” in their names. Students will only be able to register upon prior approval by the academic advisor, faculty instructor and the department chair.

James O'Brien, Chair of the Sciences Department, will review all directed research course proposals submitted by faculty every semester. Approved projects will be offered on LConnect as PHYS370 or PHYS406 and carry between 1-4 credit hours. Credit hours are dependent on the project and the type of research involved.