Minor in Bioinformatics (BIM)

This interdisciplinary minor is for students with an interest in the application of Bioinformatics in drug discovery, diagnostics, and disease management.  Minoring in Bioinformatics will enable students to supplement their major with a stronger foundation in the life sciences, computer science, and mathematics and allow them to access and manipulate the wealth of data emerging from new technologies relating to genes, genomes, and the molecules they produce in health and disease. 

To earn the BIM, students must complete three core introductory courses in Biology, Bioinformatics, and Biostatistics and a minimum of 2 elective courses.  Unless noted otherwise, all courses bear 4 credits.  Please click here for a full list of course descriptions.  

3 Required Core Courses - 12 credits

  • BIOL1100 Cell and Molecular Biology
  • COMP Intro to Bioinformatics
  • COMP611 Intro to Biostatistics

2 Elective Courses - 8 credits

  • COMP602 Bioinformatics Algorithms
  • COMP612 Biological Data Mining
  • CHEM410 Basics of Organic and Biochemistry
  • CHEM420 Proteins, Medicine, and Disease
  • BIOL250 Introduction to Medical Biotechnology
  • BIOL406 Directed Study in Biological Research