Laboratories Managed by the Sciences Department at the Center for Sciences and Biomedical Engineering

 Biology Laboratories (Ira Allen 122 & 210)

The Sciences Department manages two biology labs in the Center for Sciences and Biomedical Engineering. These labs are outfitted with the newest equipment for conducting experiments in cell and molecular biology and biotechnology and performing studies for anatomy and physiology courses. These labs contain compound light microscopes, micropipettes, and spectrophotometers for introductory courses as well as thermal cyclers and molecular imaging systems for DNA and protein analysis. The labs also feature cutting edge devices such as fluorometers, two fluorescent microscopes, a real-time-PCR system, an NMR, sonicators and a patient simulator for EPIC-L experiences that integrate sciences and engineering. A dedicated space within Irall210 is designed for performing and teaching aseptic cell culture techniques, which includes a biosafety cabinet and eukaryotic cell culture incubators. Incubators for other living model systems are also available at Irall122. Collectively, the biology labs are well equipped to provide students with the necessary tools and technology to gain relevant laboratory experience and skills in biomedical sciences and biotechnology using EPIC-L pedagogy.

Blaisdell Biodiesel Lab (Ira Allen 105)

Generously donated by Jack and Kathy Blaisdell, this laboratory is equipped to handle the production and testing of biodiesel, as well as other advanced chemical experimentation. The lab houses a biodiesel reactor constructed by Wentworth students. There are two chemical hoods, as well as a large drop hood to handle larger equipment requiring ventilation. The laboratory is also equipped with other advanced chemical apparatus for refinement and analysis of chemical products.

Physics Laboratories and EPIC-L Dry Labs (Ira Allen 201, 206, 207, 211, & 212)

The Physics Laboratories are equipped to support introductory experiments in mechanics, fluids, sound, waves, electric and magnetic fields, and optics. It is also equipped to support more advanced physics experiments such as spectrum of gases, interferometry, photo-electric effect, electron to mass ratio, electron beam deflection by electric and magnetic forces, and x-Rays. These experiments are performed with the help of a variety of precise and/or complex instruments that includes electron tubes, an x-rays machine, precision interferometers, spectrometers, acoustic devices, an optic table, oscilloscopes, function generators, Helium Neon lasers, and a complete microwave optics system. One of the labs is designed to perform light sensitive experiments in optics. The department also has its own weather station giving a variety of weather related data and several telescopes. Irall201 is a dedicated EPIC-L-based space to integrate lectures and laboratories of sciences courses with other disciplines.

Chemistry Laboratories (Ira Allen 326, 329, & 330)

Each of the chemistry labs are outfitted with the newest equipment for conducting experiments in general chemistry and selected topics in general chemistry as well as organic and biochemistry.  The Chemistry labs contain integrated safety showers and eyewash stations, as well as traditional chemistry laboratory equipment including centrifuges, hoods, micropipettes, and computer integrated spectrophotometers, ion-selective electrodes, conductivity meters, electrochemistry apparatus, Galvanic cells, spectroscopes heating and drying ovens, distillation equipment, constant temperature baths and related devices. A dedicated space proximate to the chemistry labs is designed for performing and teaching use of IR (Infrared) spectrophotometers and other sensitive chemistry instrumentation. Collectively, the chemistry labs are well equipped to provide students with the necessary tools and technology for a collaborative EPIC learning environment.