Department of Sciences

In the Department of Sciences, you will find world class faculty, state of the art laboratories and challenging coursework to prepare the future thinkers of tomorrow.  Our minors in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are the perfect compliment to any major at Wentworth and all feature the ability to participate in undergraduate research with faculty mentors.  All of our offices and scientific facilities are located in the Center for Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, so please come join us in the art of discovery.  All humans have the ability to critically think, this is your inner scientist speaking to you. In the Department of Sciences, we seek to help everyone unleash the infinite potential of your inner scientist. 

The Sciences Department delivers a variety of challenging and motivating scientific experiences in chemistry, biology, physics and undergraduate research designed to impart scientific literacy and support student success across all programs at the Institute.
To provide transformational experiences in the three fundamental fields of science.  To empower students to think critically, challenge their thought process and evaluate the world through experiments, data collection and analysis.  To show that science comes from within and transcends to all of humanities greatest endeavors.