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School of Engineering News and Events

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Commencement Weekend in Images

It was a monumental weekend of celebration as Wentworth Institute of Technology honored students and alumni—among others—in a series of events culminating in the 2023 Summer Commencement ceremonies.  

Mechanical Engineering Team Honored in Prestigious Aviation Competition

A team from the Mechanical Engineering Department at Wentworth Institute of Technology won an honorable mention during the recent Transportation Research Board’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) design competition.  

Student Speakers, Singer Selected for August Commencement

Students Jenah Arsenault, Julian Mancini, and Zack Benesh will have standout roles during Wentworth Institute of Technology’s upcoming commencement ceremonies on August 20. 

Giant Solar Powered Butterfly Heading to Wentworth Campus

Seeking climate change solutions, the world’s largest sustainability tour is coming to Wentworth Institute of Technology. 

Student-Designed Robots Tackle Snow, Sewers, and Infectious Disease

A snow-removing Roomba, hazardous area robotic arm, and a sewer inspector are among robots created by teams of Wentworth Institute of Technology students and professors.  

Interdisciplinary Work Continues on Logic Robot in New Lab Space

Q&A: The Underwater ROV Team’s Journey to International Competition

As Wentworth Institute of Technology students prepare their underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for competition next month, we chatted with Assistant Professor Saurav Basnet about his role in advising the team.  

Ron Burton Training Village STEM Day Highlights

Last month, Wentworth Institute of Technology welcomed Ron Burton Training Village students to campus for a STEM Day event. Students participated in rotating sessions getting the opportunity to explore topics in math and data science, manufacturing engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and the design process. 

X-ray Vision? Wentworth Graduate Student Can See Through Walls

The year is 2000. You’re working on a report (due the next day) and you have one fact left to check. You go to your computer, open your browser…and wait. While you wait, you’re serenaded by the shriek of the computer as it connects to the Internet. 

For those lucky enough to grow up in the age of wi-fi and smartphones, this was called “dial-up,” and it was not something that most of us found inspiring. 

Student Developing Innovative System of Electric Vehicles

Wentworth Institute of Technology student Paul Miller is working on an electric motor and battery that has the potential to be a game changer for anyone who rides a scooter, skateboard, or bike.

Miller's journey began two years ago when he built an electric bike as a side project.  

Wentworth Students Aim for New Heights: Pico-Satellite Underway

Five centimeters is the size of a AA battery, two quarters, and a single matchstick. 

It’s also the length and width of a satellite being built at Wentworth Institute of Technology. 

National Society of Black Engineers Chapter Attends Regional Conference

The Wentworth Institute of Technology chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) last week attended the 2022 Region I Fall Regional Conference (FRC) in Syracuse, N.Y.

This year's conference theme was “I AM S.T.E.M.," and members had the opportunity to network with other chapters and attend various workshops to become well-rounded engineers.

Cars, Robots and More at Student Engineering Showcase

Wentworth Institute of Technology students gathered inside and outside of Tansey Gym to show off their monthslong projects including robotics, vehicles, and cooking apparatuses. 

This event features the final work of junior and senior project teams across all engineering disciplines.

Find more photos in our online portal. 

Commencement Will Honor Community Builders and Future Thinkers

As it did when things were kicked off in April, Wentworth Institute of Technology will bookend Boston’s commencement season as it marks its Summer 2022 ceremony on Sunday, August 21st. 

Wentworth Professor: ‘Fixing the T Not Enough, We Need Massive Expansion’

The Boston Globe spoke with Wentworth Institute of Technology Professor Jim Lambrechts about the MBTA, a transit system that he believes cannot simply be remedied, but rather should be widely expanded. 

Video: Students Partner with Teradyne for Capstone Design Projects

Students in Wentworth's School of Engineering worked with Teradyne, an automatic test equipment designer and manufacturer, to help address an issue the company was having with downtime on a test procedure.

Students and faculty worked with Teradyne for eight months to identify the problem, create a proposal within the first month, and then go through the design process as part of their Capstone Design Projects.

New Tradition Created with Successful Alumni Day

Under a brilliant May sun, a trio of young alumni tossed around a bean bag on the Quad, relaxing and sharing stories in proximity to a futuristic glass structure, new since their time as students. 

Wentworth Kicking Off Boston Commencement Season with Ceremony Saturday

Wentworth Institute of Technology will kick off graduation season this Saturday, once again paving the way as the first university in the Boston area to host a commencement ceremony in the calendar year.  

Elevating Learning with Lightboard Technology

Wentworth faculty often find creative solutions, techniques, and strategies to engage their students, which includes integrating technology into the classroom. Nasser Yari, Ph.D., P.E., Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering, has found that Lightboard technology is one of the most innovative and effective methods of delivering online lectures to students in his Civil Engineering courses.  

Turning Unwanted Items into Treasure through Upcycle Challenge

Over the course of two weeks, Wentworth Institute of Technology students collaborated across disciplines to transform purposeless or unwanted products and give them a new life.