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We Are Committed to Your Student’s Success

For parents, helping your student choose a college is difficult because you want so many things for your student: to feel comfortable, to be challenged, and to be prepared for a successful career. You also want it to be financially feasible. We understand your concerns; please be assured that we are committed to your student’s success and want to do everything we can to make Wentworth a comfortable and confident choice.

One thing that sets us apart is our emphasis on cooperative education. At Wentworth, a minimum of two co-ops is required for graduation. During their co-ops, students earn an income and do not pay tuition—most important, they gain hands-on experience that will give them a competitive advantage when they begin their career.

In addition, Wentworth offers merit scholarships to freshman applicants; all admitted applicants are automatically considered. Scholarships are renewable for four years.

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