Resources for Future Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Admissions

Applying to college is exciting. We are excited, too! We are eager to get to know you better—your background, your achievements and your goals for the future. All that happens when you apply, and we try to make the application process as clear and uncomplicated as possible.

Tuition and Fees

When considering which college to attend, the cost and how to pay for it are important considerations. Whether you are an undergraduate student attending college full-time, a student attending part time, or a graduate student, we have resources available to help you figure it all out.

Financial Aid

When it comes to paying for your education, you have a wide variety of options—from federal and private loans to assistance provided directly from Wentworth. This page will direct you to the resources you need to determine your eligibility, find the program that best suits your needs, and apply for aid.