The Benefits of Living on Campus

Campus MapThe decision to live on campus after your first two years at Wentworth passes through the minds of every student on campus.  With the cost of living so high and the lure of the city all around us many students come to a crossroads after their sophomore year.  They see the freedom of an off-campus apartment but most fail to see everything they pass up by moving out of the residence halls.  There are the obvious perks- the meal plan, housekeepers, and a fully furnished living space, but there are many other factors at play that students greatly underestimate. 

Wentworth prides itself on its tough curriculum and rigorous coursework.  For a student to be truly successful at Wentworth they must log the man hours in studios, labs, and team projects.  The residence halls are not only a five minute walk to WIT’s academic facilities, but they also have their own studio spaces and study rooms located in the buildings. The map at the right provides a visual as to the close proximity of the residential campus in yellow to the academic campus in red. Living in an off campus apartment can often be difficult to find a quiet place to study or a big enough space to accommodate a drafting board or large group project.  Residence halls provide these spaces for you within steps of your room.  But if the study rooms won’t suffice, Public Safety will even provide late-night escorts to those needing to go to and from studio, the library, print labs, or any other academic facility.

The biggest problems with living off campus arrive on the first of every month.  WIT’s residential students live a carefree life without monthly payments and grocery bills.  One payment takes care of the entire year, and the three-tier meal plan can offer refuge from weekly grocery bills.  However, the second you move off campus you suddenly find yourself in a whirlwind of expenditures.  A Wentworth residence hall provides you with bedroom furniture, including a bureau, desk, and bed in addition to common area couches and tables.  Laundry machines are available in the basement of five out of six of the residential communities.  Moving away from this sanctuary means spending money on new furniture, hauling to the grocery store each week, walking back and forth to the Laundromat, and losing the convenience of vending machines right in your building for late night snacks.   
In addition to monthly rent payments, typically ranging anywhere from $600-$1,000 per person, an off-campus student must also pay a security deposit and Realtor’s fee, both equal to one month’s rent.  An on-campus student is only required to pay a single housing down-payment of $500 to secure their room, and it is later deducted from their overall housing bill. The process of searching for an apartment can also be time consuming and stressful.  Students must find a way to coordinate multiple schedules in order to view apartments around the city.  Finding the right apartment could take months at a time, and several hours every week.  In contrast, on-campus students choose their housing assignment within one night and in less than an hour. 
Students choosing to live off campus will forfeit the full-time staff available to solve all types of issues.  The Residence Life staff, including Resident Directors and Assistants, is available seven days a week to provide guidance for any personal, academic, or residential issues.  If a problem cannot be resolved at that level, there is a professional staff in the Office of Housing and Residential Life that can help, in conjunction with the Center for Wellness. There is also an around-the-clock maintenance staff for repairs in the dorms. 
Wentworth Residence Halls, with the exception of Louis Prang/Vancouver, are card-swipe access only.  Only residence of WIT can access the halls between 8am and 6pm.  After 6pm, only residents of each building are able to swipe in and each guest must sign in with a Desk Attendant for the night.  Wentworth contracts Eastern Security for late-night security in the residence halls between 10pm and 6am.  Building exteriors and common areas are also monitored by closed circuit security cameras in Public Safety. Wentworth also offers guests and residents safe and affordable parking options for overnight, weekend, and long term parking regulated by Public Safety.  For any questions concerning security please call Public Safety at 617.989.4400.

All other questions regarding living on campus and all of the benefits can be answered by calling the Office of Housing and Residential Life at 617.989.4160, or emailing