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Louis Prang/Vancouver Apartments

Supporting an Independent Lifestyle

The Louis Prang and Vancouver apartments are geared primarily toward upper-class students looking for a more independent living environment. These six brick buildings house students in apartments designed for one to eight residents. Outside doors are locked 24 hours a day, and both exterior and interior doors are key access only.

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  • Bedrooms: Apartments vary in size and shape, and include bedroom(s), a kitchen and a bathroom. Some also include a living room. All students are provided with a bed, desk, and desk chair. Some apartments include bureaus, while others have large closets. Larger apartments contain a kitchen table and chairs. Students may bring additional items to the apartments, including extra furniture; however, Wentworth-owned furniture cannot be removed from the rooms or common areas, and students must remove all of their personal belongings at the end of the contract period. Lofts or stilts for beds are not permitted, but the beds may be bunked.
  • Amenities: Students have access to the laundry facilities located next door in the Evans Way complex. Internet/network connections are provided for every student, and Internet and Xfinity Internet television service are factored into the cost of living.
  • Staffing: The Louis Prang and Vancouver apartments receive oversight from a resident director, supported by two resident assistants and one senior resident assistant who live in these buildings. If you are eligible for Federal Work Study, visit Student Employment and Work Study.
  • Select Floor Plans: