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Resident Assistants

The Office of Housing and Residential Life is happy to be one of the largest student employers on campus.  From our Resident Assistant staff to Game Room Attendants, Office Assistants, and Study Room Attendants, we have an amazing group of students who work for our office. 

Please see information below on our student staff positions. 

One of the premiere leadership positions on campus, our Resident Assistants are students employed by our office to serve as a resource in the residence halls.  They are responsible for community development in their residential area, enforcing the Student Conduct Code, and communicating important information to our residential students. 

Community Development

The Senior Resident Assistants and Resident Assistants at Wentworth Institute of Technology are expected to foster safe and enriching communities within the residence halls. S/RAs do so by meeting the following expectations within each category:

  1. Active Programming – S/RAs are asked to facilitate activities and events on their floor, both independently and collaboratively with other S/RAs, each semester. These programs are intended to connect members of the residential community while also providing a positive and intentional means of having fun!
  2. Residential Enrichment Programs – REP is an initiative that brings S/RAs from different residence halls to work together in developing a campus-wide program for all students to attend and enjoy. This opportunity allows S/RAs to collaborate with one another, gain experience in large-scale program planning, and have the autonomy to independently facilitate a memorable campus event.
  3. Homebuilder Initiatives – S/RAs are also expected to build a sense of community through other avenues than solely facilitating programs. S/RAs make sure to update, decorate, and personalize information on the bulletin boards found in residence halls with important information. They are also asked to share important information about the community while also developing connections with their residents by facilitating community meetings on a regular basis throughout the academic year. To build a strong, connected community, S/RAs are also expected to initiate creative projects and other personalized tasks that create the feeling of an individualized and connected community.
  4. Staff Development – The S/RA positions are intended to be an outlet for growth professionally and personally. With this in mind, the S/RAs are required to attend various meetings and complete tasks that allow them to become more knowledgeable of their job expectations and more connected to their fellow staff members. To keep staff members connected and collaborative, S/RAs are required to:
    1. Attend all RA training sessions at the start of the fall and spring semesters
    2. Complete weekly reports that provide frequent updates to the S/RAs respective supervisor about personal, community, and staff concerns and accomplishments
    3. Attend monthly Staff Development meetings with the entire S/RA staff
    4. Attend weekly/bi-weekly meetings with respective supervisor to provide frequent updates about job performance and concerns

While meeting these expectations, S/RAs are challenged and supported in taking other leadership roles within their position. Opportunities to take leadership are not limited to:

  1. Facilitate team building activities for fellow staff members
  2. Support fellow staff members in any way throughout the year
  3. Present at a conference
  4. Present at RA training

RA Learning Outcomes:

The Resident Assistant (RA) represents the Office of Housing and Residential Life in their area as a peer leader and educator. Under the supervision of the Resident Director Staff, each RA provides opportunities to students for educational and personal growth. This position is one of service and represents a significant dedication to the residents of Wentworth Institute of Technology.  Through training and evaluations, Resident Assistants are provided with opportunities to gain skills to assist them in their academic and personal endeavors and serve as a foundation for their professional future.

The Resident Assistant experience is guided by the Wentworth Leadership Model, in which leadership is defined as “the ability to guide, direct, or influence people in a way that has great merit, character and value.” While Resident Assistants will gain skills in all twelve competency areas of the Wentworth Leadership Model, the Resident Assistant experience focuses on five of the core competencies.  Our top five competencies are outlined below:

1. Capacity to communicate and influence

Specifically, Resident Assistants will be able to:

Demonstrate professional written and verbal communication

Apply principles of active listening

Effectively communicate and refer students to appropriate on- and off-campus resources

2. Capacity to reason and make good decisions

Specifically, Resident Assistants will be able to:

Demonstrate effective time management

Exhibit sound judgment

3. Capacity to see and realize the future

Specifically, Resident Assistants will be able to:

Be able to formulate achievable personal and professional goals

4. Commitment to Community

Specifically, Resident Assistants will be able to:

Be able to articulate strategies for building community

5. Commitment to People and Relationships

Specifically, Resident Assistants will be able to:

Be able to successfully operate in a group


Resident Assistants are selected through the Student Leader Selection Process.  Applications typically come out in December, with interviews set up for late January/early February.  Students should watch their Wentworth email for application information and important dates. 


OHRL Work Study

The OHRL employs close to 150 students for Federal Work Study.  Students must be pre-approved for work study as part of their Financial Aid package before applying for jobs.  Work study positions are open to both on and off-campus students, and are available in each Residence Hall, as well as within the OHRL.  Please check with your RD for opportunities in your building, or visit the OHRL to inquire about any openings within the office.  

Work Study positions include:

  • Game Room Attendant
  • Gym Attendant
  • RD Office Assistants
  • Front Desk at OHRL 
  • Drafting Room Attendants

To check eligibility, log into your personal Lconnect account and click on Leopard Web.  Then, select Award under the Financial Aid tab for an overview.  

For information regarding opportunities in the Office of Housing and Residential Life central office, please contact our Office Manager Rachel Toft at

For opportunities within the residence halls, please contact the Resident Director of that building.  For a full staff listing, please click here.  

To check eligibility, log into your personal Lconnect account and click on Leopard Web.  Then, select Award under the Financial Aid tab for an overview.