Housing Request Form

For current students that live off-campus and want to request on-campus housing.  Incoming first year students should not fill out this form; they will receive housing information from the Admissions Office.  This form should not be filled out for future semesters.  It should only be completed to request a change for the current semester.  

Room Change Request Form

For students that currently live on campus and wish to change their housing assignment. 

Housing Cancellation Form

For student currently living on-campus that wish to withdraw from Housing.  More information about housing withdrawal and agreement release, please visit our Procedures page.

Housing Accommodations Form

For students requesting a specific accommodation for either their housing assignment or meal plan assignment.  

Residential Student Work Order Form

Students may submit a work order to the Office of Housing and Residential Life who will submit the request to Physical Plant.  Please note this form is for the residence halls only.  

Request for Residency Exemption

Please complete this form to request to be exempt from our two year residency requirement.