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Evans Way/Tudbury

Suites for Students

The Evans Way/Tudbury Residence Hall houses both first- and second-year students.

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  • Suites: A typical suite consists of a living room, two bathrooms and several bedrooms. Living rooms are furnished with love seats, lounge chairs, and coffee and end tables. Bedrooms feature a bed, desk, desk chair, bureau and closet for each student. Internet/network connections are provided, and each suite is equipped with Xfinity Internet television service. Students can live in suites ranging from four to 14 people, with bedroom options of singles, doubles, triples or quads.
  • Amenities: Game room, study room, mailroom, auditorium, laundry facilities, and vending areas.
  • Food: Students may bring a small (4.4 cubic feet) refrigerator and/or microwave, but cooking is not allowed in the rooms. Wentworth partners with Microfridge for rentals and room accessories. Evans Way/Tudbury residents are required to purchase Wentworth’s A meal plan: $1,550 per semester, using the WIT ID card. Meal plan dollars can be used in the Wentworth Cafeteria, Mass College of Art Cafeteria, Mass College of Pharmacy Coffee Shop, and Peet's Coffee Shop located at the Mass College of Art Cafeteria.
  • Staffing: Evans Way is staffed by one full-time Residence Director, one part-time Assistant Resident Director and 11 Student Resident Assistants(see list at the right). The residence has approximately 60 Federal Work Study positions available each semester. Qualifying students can work as a gym attendant, game room attendant, or office assistant. For more information, visit Student Employment and Work Study.
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