Understanding Lectures and Labs

A significant number of courses at Wentworth require a student to take a lecture (where the instructor presents material to students) and a lab (where students work on projects, problems, etc. in a less structured format). Depending on the course, and how the academic department offering the course chooses to teach the course, there are different ways to determine what lecture and lab sections you should register for.

One to One

Some classes organize the lecture and lab so that, in Leopardweb, the lecture is paired with the lab that appears below it:

In this case, the lecture section ARCH1000-01 is linked with the lab section ARCH1000-02, lecture section ARCH1000-03 is linked with lab section ARCH1000-04, and so on. In these cases, you cannot mix and match lecture and lab sections. You must register for a lecture and the lab section that appears directly beneath it in the listing.

One to Many

In some cases, the course sections are offered so that there is more than one lab option for each lecture section:

In this case, the lecture section PHYS1250-01A is linked to the lab sections PHYS1250-02A and PHYS1250-03A. You would register for the lecture and one of the two lab sections listed below it. This is also a case where you would not be able to mix and match lecture and lab sections. Note that the letters that appear in the section numbers are an additional reminder as to how the lectures and labs are linked together.

While a two labs to every lecture arrangement is common, some courses will link as many as four lab sections to a given lecture section. 

Unlinked Lectures and Labs

Finally, there are some courses where the lectures and labs are not linked at all:

In this case, you would be able to register for any of the lecture sections (CONM2200-01 through CONM2200-05) and any of the lab sections (CONM2200-06 through CONM2200-12). In some cases, the course may have all of its lecture sections listed first, followed by all of the lab sections. This would also be a scenario where you could register for any lecture and any lab section.

Regardless of how the lecture and lab sections are listed for your courses, remember that you must register for one lecture and one lab section at the same time. If you try to register for only the lecture or only the lab, you will get an error and will not be registered for the lecture or lab that you attempted to register for.

If you have any questions regarding lecture and labs, or with registration in general, please contact the Student Service Center at ssc@wit.edu or (617) 989-4020.