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Registration Tips

Registration can be a confusing process. We hope these tips will help make registration an easier experience!

Use your resources. Make sure you read over all registration information (instructions, common errors, course worksheet) in preparation for registration.

Register as soon as possible. The sooner you register, the more likely the classes you want will still have space, giving you the schedule you want.

Plan out options before registration opens by seeing what classes you need to take on your course worksheet and when all of the sections are offered on the course section search function in Leopardweb. This will save you time if you go to register and find that your first choices are full.

Build a smart schedule. Start will classes that have the fewest sections available (usually your major classes), as once you get those classes on  your schedule you can work around them to add classes that have more sections offered in more days and times.

Some classes go together. When you look at sections on the course section search, the lectures and labs that are listed sequentially go together (for example, the lecture COMP128-01 would go with the lab COMP128-02). You can't mix and match lecture and lab sections (such as COMP128-01 and a lab COMP128-11).

Register for co-requisites at the same time. Co-requisites are sections or courses that you have to take at the same time. For example, all lecture sections that have a corresponding lab section are co-requisites for each other. There are also some classes that have another class as a co-requisite (such as ARCH115 and ARCH155). You must register for all co-requisites at the same time; the registration system will not register you for anything if you only try to register for one part of a co-requisite pair. You can see if a course has co-requisites by clicking on the five-digit CRN and then clicking on the course title.

Check your registration status. You can see this on Leopardweb by clicking on the Student tab and then on the link for registration. This status will tell you when you can start to register and if you have any holds that would prevent you from registering. You can also check your degree audit (also through the Student tab, but through the student records link) to make sure your classes are satisfying degree requirements.

Make sure you have your Registration Access Code (RAC).

  • If you are a freshmen
  • On Academic Probation
  • BELM (SR, S2 or FY) student
  • A sophomore in BSEN, BSCE and BSCM

You will need a six-digit RAC to register for courses. You can get the RAC from your academic advisor. New incoming students do not need a RAC to register for fall classes.

Ask for help if you need it. If you run into something and need help, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can get registration help from your academic advisor, department office, or the Student Service Center (617-989-4020,