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Registration & Student Records: Minors

Students have the option to declare one or more minor courses of study in addition to their major course of study. The minor typically requires 16 to 20 credits of course work, with some minors further requiring students to earn a given number of credits through directed research or project-based learning. The following are the currently available minors and their associated academic department:

  • Aerospace Engineering (Mechanical Engineering & Technology)
  • Applied Mathematics (Applied Mathematics)
  • Bioinformatics (Sciences)
  • Biology (Sciences)
  • Business Management (Management and Facilities)
  • Chemistry (Sciences)
  • Computer Networking (Computer Science and Networking)
  • Computer Science (Computer Science and Networking)
  • Construction Management (Construction Management)
  • Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering and Technology)
  • Industrial Design (Industrial Design)
  • Manufacturing (Mechanical Engineering and Technology)
  • Media, Culture and Communications Studies (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Physics (Sciences) 

Requirements for each minor can be found in the appropriate academic department section of the academic catalog.

Students should meet with their academic advisor prior to declaring a minor to develop a plan that will allow the student to complete their major and minor courses of study. Students can declare a minor, change minors, or undeclare a minor by completing a Minor Declaration form. The form must include the student's plan for completing the minor and the signature of the student's academic department chair. Completed forms are then submitted to the Student Service Center.