Name Badges

Staples Advantage

  • Vendor: Staples Advantage
  • Contact: Richard Manson Jr.
  • Phone: 508-259-5582
  • Email:
  • Address: 31 Commercial Street
  • Sharon, MA 02067
  • Acct/Contract#: 70100998/010609496
  • Procurement Type: Defaults to P-Card

INSTRUCTIONS:Log into your Staples Advantage account and go to the HOME page. Select YOUR LISTS near the top right corner. On the next page you will see a link to the Wentworth Name Badge. Click on the link and on this next page click on the button labeled CUSTOMIZE. On the next page you will see 2 gold badges, the one on the right is for 2 line layout and the other a 3 line layout. Click on the badge you want to customize and the next page shows the badge and a place to Enter the text for your layout. Fill in the lines and when complete select PREVIEW. If any of the lines are in RED go back and change the font size for that line until the RED disappears and all data is in BLACK. When ready, select SHOW PROOF. Here you can save a copy of your badge and place the order by clicking on ADD TO ORDER. Follow the Checkout process and when complete you will receive a confirmation number and an email confirming your order. If you have any questions concerning this process, call ex.4251 or ex.4252.