Purchase Order Guidelines

A Purchase Order (PO) is the one reference point common to the requisitioner, Purchasing, the Finance Office, and the vendor and is essential in tracking the purchase from procurement through the payment stage.

Banner Systems provides end users with the ability to track budget expenses in a real time environment. In order to maintain an accurate accounting of one’s budget the following procedures are recommended:

  • PO’s are required for ALL Capital Budget Expenditures.
  • PO’s should be used for specific goods or services that have an individual value over $5,000 by item or when the total value of all merchandise or services being purchased is over $5,000.
  • PO’s should be used when a contract is established and has a set amount deducted periodically throughout the year. An example might be UNICCO charging a set rate to clean buildings each month. One PO could be created with separate line items for different accounts identifying the individual monthly charge. The PO encumbers (deducts) the total amount from your budget to prevent you from overspending your budget allotment but does not take the money out of your budget until it is actually spent.
  • When you anticipate using the same vendor frequently (several times a month for example) but are unsure as to how much will be spent per transaction and the amount of that transaction will be less than $1,000, you have two options:
    • Use the Wentworth Procurement Card per transaction or
    • Ask the vendor to accumulate the individual charges and submit them to you with a statement of account. In turn you can have them approved by your supervisor and submitted with a Request for Payment Form sent to Accounts Payable.
  • When you anticipate using a vendor for a single purchase of less than $1,000, you should be using the Wentworth Procurement Card.
  • When making a purchase of goods or services with an amount more than $1,000 and less than $5,000 you should contact the Purchasing Office to determine the best method to obtain those goods/services. The Purchasing Office will most likely determine whether to obtain those goods through the use of:
    • The Purchasing Department credit card which maintains a higher transaction limit, or in some instances (such as permits, memberships, travel) will increase the individual’s credit card limits temporarily, or will recommend a direct payment method.

Direct Payment/Request for Payment Form

Request for Payment Form is not to be used to request payment against a Purchase Order.

Used for the payment of materials or services already rendered/received when a requisition/purchase order was not used. Receipts for all materials must be attached to the Request for Payment Form.

Used for reimbursement of materials or services used by Wentworth and paid out of pocket by an individual. Receipts must be attached or reimbursement will not be made.