Purchasing FAQs

How do I log into Paymentnet?

To see the instructions click on this link.

I need to buy toner for my department's printer, where should I buy this?

Most networked printers on campus are serviced by a vendor, Toshiba Business Solutions, there should be a sticker on the machine with their phone number. Call them and they will come out and service the printer. If the printer is a small desk unit, you can purchase a cartridge from our office supply vendor (Staples/Eway). If you are having any other issues with your printer contact DTS.

What is the Wentworth Shopping Network?

The list of vendors here represents best quality, prices and quick delivery. Most are members of at least one consortium where they have to bid for inclusion meeting generous pricing discounts and often with free delivery.

A vendor is requesting a tax exempt certificate, where do I get one?

The form you want to download is ST-2 available on the forms page.

How do I know if I should use a purchase order or the Wentworth credit card?

Essentially a Corporate Mastercard, the Procurement Card can be used to purchase goods or services with at value of less than $1,000. The procurement card can also be used for materials and services such as subscriptions, travel and membership fees.

In most cases, a purchase order should be used for purchases over $1,000 and purchases orders are required for all Capital Budget purchases. When in doubt as to when to use a purchase order, contact the Purchasing Office for clarification.

How can I get new furniture for my office?

Wentworth has established furniture standards. Acquisition of furniture requires review and approval from the Planning & Construction Department. They will assist you with preparing the appropriate purchasing requisition.

Who can I call if I have other purchasing questions?

You can contact Purchasing