SECTION 1: Registration for Parking Permit

Who Must Register

All students (including part-time, evening & weekend, commuter,and residents), faculty and staff who intend to park a motor vehicle on campus must properly register their vehicle and display the appropriate permit. For the purpose of these regulations, the "campus" is defined as all property, which is under the control of Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Student parking permits are effective from purchase date to the end of the academic school semester. Faculty/staff permits are effective from application date to the end of the calendar year.

1.2 Registrant Responsibility

The registrant is held responsible for all parking citations issued to the parking permit, regardless of who parked the vehicle at the time of the violation.

The acceptance by any person of a parking permit, temporary or permanent, shall constitute their acceptance of the responsibility to observe and abide by all regulations, ordinances, and/or laws, which govern the parking of their vehicles on the campus. Obtaining a WIT parking permit is not a guarantee of unfettered parking in a specific lot. Special events on campus occasionally require the brief relocation of available parking.

Students will be held responsible for advising guests of parking regulations.

1.3 Revocation of Parking Privileges

Wentworth Institute of Technology considers parking as a privilege, which may be revoked temporarily or permanently, for justifiable reasons by the Department of Public Safety. Parking Permits are only available to students, faculty and staff of Wentworth Institute of Technology. WIT parking permits shall not be replicated, lent, sold or transferred to another party. Should a vehicle change occur, the Public Safety office must be advised immediately.

1.4 Parking Fees

The parking fees are as follows:

  1. Faculty/Staff Parking- Please contact the Department of Human Resources for parking rates. Payroll deductions are also available.
  2. Overnight Parking- The fee for an overnight permit is $500.00 per academic semester. The East Lot (located opposite 540 Parker Street in front of the IRA Allen Building) and the Annex Lot (entrance on Annunciation Rd) have been assigned as the Overnight Parking Lots. Due to the limited amount of parking on campus, first and second year students will not be allowed to purchase an overnight parking permit to park on campus. Overnight Parking Permits are sold on a first come, first serve basis to residential upper classman or residential underclassman who are on co-op. There is absolutely no overnight parking in the West Lot. Violators found in the West Lot will be towed at the vehicle owner's expense.
  3. Commuter Parking- The fee for a commuter permit is $250.00 per academic semester; the permit is valid from the hours of 7:00am to 10:00pm daily. Parking is available in the Annex Lot, Parker Street Lot, and North Lot. Additional parking is available in the West Lot from 3:00pm to 10:00pm.
  4. To obtain a Commuter Permit, students must be enrolled in full-time studies at Wentworth or be on co-op.  Commuter permits are sold by Student Services in Williston Hall.
  5. Evening & Weekend Parking- The fee for an Evening & Weekend permit is $100.00 per academic semester and is valid from 3:00pm to 10:00pm during the week and from 7:00am to 10:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Parking is available in the Annex Lot, North Lot and West Lot.  Evening and weekend permits may be purchased from Student Services in Williston Hall.
  6. Daily and Temporary Permits - The fee for a daily and temporary permit is $10.00 per day. The issuing Public Safety employee will assign your parking area at the time of purchase. You must have a valid WIT ID to purchase a permit. Daily and Temporary Permits can be obtained at Public Safety.
  7. Contractors Parking- All contractors wishing to park on campus must purchase and display a valid parking permit - The fee is $1,300.00 per year or $10.00 per day. The issuing Public Safety employee will assign your parking area at the time of purchase. Contractor Permits can be obtained at Public Safety.

SECTION 2: Parking

2.1 Designated Parking (Parking Permits Are Required)

Faculty/Staff and Visitor Parking is available in the West Lot at the corner of Huntington Avenue and Ruggles Street. Check in with the lot attendant for assistance.

Commuter Student Parking is available from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm every day in the North Lot, Annex Lot, and Parker Street Lot.

Evening/Weekend Parking is available from 3:00pm-10:00pm in the West Lot, Annex Lot, and North Lot.

Overnight/Resident Parking is only available in the East Parking Lot (opposite 540 Parker Street) and Annex Lot (entrance on Annunciation Rd.). Parking is very limited and is only open to resident students with overnight permits. All others will be tagged and towed at owner's expense.

Contractor Parking must be arranged at the Department of Public Safety (617-989-4400).

Special Event Parking will be arranged through the Department of Public Safety (617-989-4400). Parking locations will be identified by posted signs.

After Hours Visitor Parking, Student Guest Parking, After Hours Parking, and Overnight Parking is not available in any of the parking lots. You may contact Public Safety for a list of area parking facilities that may be able to accommodate your needs. Please be aware that these locations do charge a fee.

Student Overnight Guest Parking is available with a permit obtainable from Public Safety for Friday and Saturday evenings.  Students must accompany guests for application and vehicles must be parked in the Parker Street Lot only.

Motorcycle/Moped Parking is only available in areas marked (Motorcycle Parking Only) in the West Parking Lot. The Department of Public Safety must be notified if the Motorcycle will remain in the parking lot after hours.  Motorcycle permits are available for $20.00 per semester through Public Safety.

2.2 Reserved Spaces

The following spaces are reserved as noted:

  1. Handicap - reserved 24 hours a day.
  2. Service Vehicles - reserved 24 hours a day.
  3. Police/Emergency Vehicles - reserved 24 hours a day.
  4. At times, certain areas will be reserved for parking for special events.
  5. Delivery/Loading and Unloading spaces - reserved 24 hours a day.
  6. President's Space - reserved 24 hours a day.
  7. Overnight Parking Only- reserved 24 hours a day.

2.3 Display of Parking Permit

Parking permits must be hung from the rearview mirror facing towards the front of the vehicle. The permit must be displayed and clearly visible at all times.

2.4 Changing of Parking Category

Anyone changing his or her parking category will be required to register with Student Services to secure the proper parking permit. Any student who becomes a full-time employee of Wentworth will have to pay the difference in the base cost of the permit.

2.5 Permits for Loaner Vehicles or Replacement of Lost Permits

Students, staff, and faculty temporarily using a loaner vehicle may display their permit on the rear view mirror of the loaner car.  You may have only one vehicle associated with the permit on campus at any given time.  Any permanent changes of your vehicles information must be reported to Public Safety to keep the department’s records up to date.

Lost permits must be reported to Public Safety immediately.

2.6 Loading Zones

Loading zones may be occupied only long enough to conduct the actual loading or unloading. This will be strictly enforced. Multiple citations will be issued and vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense. These spaces are reserved 24 hours per day.

2.7 Parking Spaces

Due to limited parking spaces in each parking lot, issuance of a parking permit does not assure a parking space, however, the Department of Public Safety and parking attendants will assist you or direct you to another parking area if available.

2.8 Disabled Vehicles

When a vehicle becomes disabled the owner/driver must notify the Department of Public Safety immediately. All information will be recorded. A reasonable amount of time will be afforded to repair or remove the vehicle before citations are issued. We will gladly make any emergency calls for tow service or AAA at your request. Jumper cables are available to the Wentworth Community. Police Officers are not allowed to utilize department vehicles to jump-start other vehicles.

2.9 Policy Regarding Campus Events Requiring Special Parking

Individuals and/or groups scheduling an event on campus which will attract visitors, especially those utilizing buses, vans and private automobiles should notify the Public Safety Office in advance in order to secure their assistance and a plan for providing proper and safe parking.

The Public Safety Office will supply the individuals and/or groups with a map of the campus indicating special instructions regarding parking in designated areas. Organizers of large events should work with Public Safety to arrange for traffic control, police/security details, loading and unloading of passengers, and parking away from heavily used areas of campus.

2.10 Multiple Citations

Parking violators may receive citations every 12 hours after the initial citation for violation of:

  1. No Parking Zone, Fire Zone, Handicap
  2. Reserve Parking - student, staff, faculty, 24-hour reserve parking, service vehicle reserved parking, and Overnight Parking Only locations.
  3. No Permit displayed.
  4. If deemed a hazard, the vehicle will be towed immediately.

SECTION 3: Operation of Motor Vehicles

3.1 Campus Speed Limit

The speed limit on campus is 5 miles per hour, except where a higher speed limit is posted. Police vehicles (marked or unmarked), bike and foot patrol officers enforce speed limits.

3.2 Traffic Hazards

Vehicles are not to be operated in any manner so as to constitute vehicular/pedestrian traffic hazards or to impede the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Every one is required to follow and obey all traffic signs on campus.

3.3 Right-of-Way

Motorists are to yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians. This especially applies to pedestrians in crosswalks.

SECTION 4: Visitor Parking

4.1 Visitor Parking (Business Hours Only)

All visitors to the campus during normal business hours must register with the lot attendant and park in the visitor's only section of the West Lot.


SECTION 5: Accidents

5.1 Reporting Accidents (On Campus Only)

All accidents involving a vehicle must be reported to the Department of Public Safety. The vehicles are not to be moved until the investigating officer instructs the driver to do so.

Download the Registry of Motor Vehicle Accident Report

5.2 Obtaining Copies of Accident Reports

A copy of the accident report will be furnished to all involved parties free of charge. A copy may be secured at the Department of Public Safety Office, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. This will only apply to vehicles that have been in an accident in any parking facilities on the Wentworth campus. For accidents occurring off campus, you must report the incident to the Boston Police Department by dialing 911. 


If your motor vehicle has been towed from any street surrounding the Wentworth Campus please contact the Boston Traffic Department at (617) 635-3900. You must have your License plate number available. The Boston Traffic Department will advise you if your vehicle was towed and direct you to the tow yard.

If you need further assistance you may call:

Wentworth Police 617-989-4400

General Regulations

Bicycles, Motorcycles and Mopeds

Bicycles must use the right side of the roadways and streets and obey all traffic laws. Bicycles are not to be taken into buildings nor parked on sidewalks or within areas where they will interfere with wheelchair access ramps or routes, with pedestrians, or with motor vehicle traffic. Students are encouraged to use bicycle racks located conveniently about the campus and employ a good quality U-type lock. Motorcycles must be parked at motorcycle racks located in the West Lot.