Crime Prevention

Bicycle Registration.

The Department of Public Safety offers a free bicycle registration to all Wentworth students.  We encourage students to download and fill out the necessary bicycle registration form and bring it along with their bicycle to the Public Safety Office or contact Sgt. Massauro at 617-9889-4634, to register your bicycle.

Operation Identification

The Campus Police Department has engraving tools used to permanently etch valuable items such as I-Pods, TVs, game systems, calculators or personal computers with a personal identifying number.  At the begriming of each semester the Campus Police will advertise this free servicing the resident halls.  Students can also make arrangements at any time by stopping by the Public Safety Office or by contacting Sgt. Massauro at 617-989-4634, massaurom@wit.eduto arrange for property identification.  The engravers are also available to loan to students, faculty and staff.

Safety Escorts

The Department of Public Safety provides escorts on campus and to local MBTA stops 24x7.

New Student Orientation

During orientation the Department of Public Safety provides all students with a safety overview and numerous crime-prevention brochures and printed materials.

Emergency Phones

There are 16 Blue Light emergency phones located on the exterior of the buildings, parking lots, walkways and other areas throughout campus.

New Employee Orientation

During employee orientations, the Department of Public Safety provides a department overview and appropriate crime prevention materials.

Crime Alerts

Crime alerts are distributed by email or postings to members of the community in the event a serious incident occurs.  These notices may include recommendations or precautionary measures that should be observed by members of the community.

Leopard Patrol

Public Safety employs work-study students to assist the department with campus patrols, safety escort services and other functions.  Contact Officer Sanford at 617-989-4647 for employment information.


the Public Safety Department presents information on drug-awareness, weapons on campus, sexual assault prevention or any relevant topic on request.

Operation Gotcha!

Police officers routinely walk through resident halls during their shift.  If they come across an unattended room with the door open, a Gotcha tag will be issued reminding the resident to lock his or her door while out.