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Promotion Committee FAQs

Q - How do I prepare for advancement in rank?
A - Don’t wait until you think you are ready to begin. Documentation for faculty annual evaluation closely resembles the criteria for advancement in rank. It is essential to document effectiveness in teaching, scholarly and/or creative activities and service activities. Start a collection of materials on an annual basis. Refer to Article V - Promotion in Rank in the Agreement for guidance on specific criterion and materials that will assist the Promotion Committee in their evaluation.
Q - If I think I am ready to apply for promotion in rank where do I start?
A - The process starts with your annual evaluation with your Department Chair. At that time, you will discuss the qualifications for rank (Associate Professor or Professor) and whether you are ready to apply. You may choose to proceed with an application even if your department chair does not think that you are ready.
You should prepare for this discussion by reading Article V - Promotion in Rank in the Agreement. The process and deadlines are spelled out in the Agreement.
Q - What is the first deadline? How do I notify the Promotion Committee that I want to be considered?
A - The deadline to make your written request to your Department Chair is September 15. By October 1st your department chair will notify you, along with the Office of the Provost, whether he/she believes you are ready for promotion. If your Department Chair does not believe that you are ready, you may still proceed. However, it is your responsibility to notify the Office of the Provost that you still want to be considered for promotion.
Q - How do I handle letters of reference?
A - You will be asked to send names and contact information for references to the Office of the Provost no later than October 15th. The Provost’s Office solicits your reference letters, although you should have corresponded with the individuals you want to write a letter on your behalf. Follow the instructions on the Application, providing all information requested. Please be reminded that internal reference letters must be written by full-time faculty and not staff, alumni, or a Chairperson outside of your department.
Q - How much material should I include as examples or exhibits? How much documentation should be submitted to support the criteria for advancement?
A - With respect to all documents submitted with the application, the committee would prefer a representative sampling and not an exhaustive quantity of supporting materials. For example, you should not include every student input form for all classes for every semester that you have been at Wentworth or every syllabus from all semesters. Each example or exhibit should be referenced in the text and clearly labeled if not self-explanatory. The committee should be able to quickly find examples referenced in your application.
Q - Should I include information and examples from the beginning of my career at Wentworth?
A - Candidates should focus on activities since their last promotion, i.e., the beginning of “Regular Appointment” for candidates seeking the rank of Associate Professor and since appointment to Associate Professor for candidates seeking the rank of Professor.
Q - What criteria will the Promotion Committee use to evaluate my contributions?
A - The committee will use the criteria outlined in the Agreement and as outlined in the Application for Promotion in Rank. In addition, they will use their judgment as Professors at Wentworth and professionals in their academic areas. Your application should focus on analysis of your activities and how they improve academic quality and the learning environment at Wentworth. Read Article V of the Agreement for the complete text explaining criteria for evaluation.
Q - How should I present my application?
A - The application outlines the acceptable format. In brief, you will submit an electronic file (Volume I and II) of your material. See the Application Form for complete details. The Office of the Provost will insert copies of your confidential reference letters in the appropriate section of your digital binder.
Q - Where do I find the Agreement?

A - The Agreement between Wentworth Institute of Technology and the Wentworth Faculty Federation, Local 2403 (Contract) is located on LConnect under Employee Resources-Human Resources.