Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

College of Architecture, Design & Construction Management

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Undergraduate Major
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Program Description

Improving Lives

Interior design has a direct impact on human activity, helping our ability to learn, work, play, worship and heal. As an interior design student at Wentworth, you’ll learn how to enhance the lives of your clients and improve the quality of different environments through the design of interior space and selection of products.

Transforming Your World

Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Interior Design stresses the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The curriculum includes the study of art and design history, innovation in new materials and building technologies, and human behavior.

Under the direction of an experienced faculty, you’ll apply your growing knowledge and skills in classrooms, labs and studios. You’ll also have the opportunity to conduct collaborative classwork and community-service and extracurricular projects with students from other disciplines.

Our Bachelor of Science in Interior Design program, which is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), was ranked among the top 10 undergraduate interior design programs in the United States by Design Intelligence, a publication of the Design Futures Council.

Learn more about our Department of Interior Design.

Program Curriculum


    Fall Semester (total credits 17)

    • DSGN1000, Drawing 1/Visualization 1 (3 credits)
    • DSGN1100, Design Magic (2 credits)
    • INTD1000, Interior Design Studio I (4 credits)
    • MATH1020, Plane & Solid Geometry (4 credits)
    • ENGLISH, English Sequence, See ENGL/HSS note below *

    Spring Semester (total credits 18)

    • INTD1500, Interior Design Studio II (4 credits)
    • INTD1600, History of ID I (3 credits)
    • INTD1750, Drawing II (3 credits)
    • DSGN1200, Color & Composition (4 credits)
    • ENGLISH, English Sequence, See ENGL/HSS note below *

    Fall Semester (total credits 19)

    • INTD2000, Interior Design Studio III (4 credits)
    • INTD2100, Materials (3 credits)
    • INTD2250, Drawing III (4 credits)
    • PHYS1010, Conceptual Physics (4 credits)
    • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below and above *

    Spring Semester (total credits 18)

    • INTD2500, Interior Design Studio IV (4 credits)
    • INTD2600, History of ID II (3 credits)
    • INTD2700, Building Systems I (3 credits)
    • INTD2800, Presentation Techniques (4 credits)
    • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below and above*

    Summer Semester

    • COOP3000, Pre-Cooperative Work Term (Optional)

    Fall Semester (total credits 17)

    • INTD3000, Interior Design Studio V (6 credits)
    • INTD3100, Construction Documents (4 credits)
    • INTD3300, Behavioral Aspects of Design (3 credits)
    • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below *

    Spring Semester

    • COOP3500, Co-op Work Term I

    Summer Semester (total credits 16)

    • INTD3600, Lighting (3 credits)
    • INTD3500, Interior Design Studio VI (6 credits)
    • ELECTIVE, Design (3 credits)
    • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below *

    Fall Semester

    • COOP4500, Co-op Work Term II

    Spring Semester (total credits 16)

    • INTD4000, Interior Design Studio VII (6 credits)
    • INTD4100, Building Regulations (3 credits)
    • INTD5000, Senior Project: Research (3 credits)
    • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below *

    Summer Semester (total credits 13)

    • INTD4600, Professional Practice (3 credits)
    • INTD5500, Senior Project: Design (6 credits)
    • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below *
  • ENGL/HSS Note:  

    Day program students are required to complete at least:  

    • One course in Humanities  
    • One course in the Social Sciences  
    • The remaining courses may be from either Humanities or Social Sciences category 

    Students with a three English course sequence may use the third English course to satisfy a Humanities requirement. For more information about the English, Humanities, and Social Science requirements please refer to the Graduation Requirements – Undergraduate section of this catalog.

    Of the six listed humanities and social science electives, Interior Design students must include the following HSS Directed Electives:

    • An Art History Elective
    • A Psychology or Sociology Elective  

    For Art History Elective, see the list below for the course options:



Why study interior design at Wentworth?

Boston will be your laboratory. We use Boston's historic and contemporary buildings as models for study and as ways to explore the cultural and social aspects of an urban environment. Wentworth students gain free admission to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

You can study abroad in Berlin. Interior design students have the opportunity to study in Berlin, Germany, in the summer term of their junior year. Follow this link to learn more about our study abroad program.

You’ll have dedicated studio space. Starting freshman year, you will have your own workstation to use seven days a week to work independently and collaboratively on your projects.

You’ll enjoy the challenge of working with award-winning students. Wentworth interior design students consistently win competitions and awards in local and national design competitions. Follow this link for examples of winning projects.

You’ll have access to amazing work opportunities. From Gensler, CBT, and Stantec, to Creative Office Pavilion, our students land co-op positions in institutions, corporations, architectural firms and interior design studios that often lead to full-time employment after graduation. Follow this link to view a partial list of co-op employers.

Colleges of the Fenway. This collaborative of five adjacent colleges, including Wentworth, offers a broad range of opportunities from club sports to music and social events, and expands your choices of elective classes through cross-registration. Visit the COF website

Interior Design in the World

Earnings in 2016:

Average starting salary of $45,000

Top 3 Job Titles for Interior Designers:

  • Interior Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Designer