Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

College of Architecture, Design & Construction Management

Full Time
Undergraduate Major
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Program Description

Become a Leader in Construction

Wentworth’s construction management program provides students with the education and work experience to enter the construction profession as a productive team member with the potential to become an innovative problem solver and industry leader. You’ll be challenged and equipped to apply your expanding technical knowledge and organizational skills to solve contemporary construction problems, and to adapt to changes in society, technology and the profession.

Benefit from a Rich and Rewarding Academic Program

Our curriculum exposes you to business administration, mathematics, chemistry and design to ensure you become a well-rounded graduate ready to excel in the world of construction. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the construction process, learn about state-of-the-art construction methods and materials, and develop crucial skills in management, budgeting, cost control, cost estimation, scheduling, team building and communication.

Construction management graduates are prepared to meet the demands of the industry and are actively recruited to oversee projects for construction management firms, construction contracting companies, real estate developers, appraisers, financial institutions and real estate management firms. Many graduates also seek positions in government agencies, architecture offices, engineering firms, industrial companies and material suppliers.

Three Fundamental Principles of Wentworth's Construction Management Program

Creative Problem Solving/Spirit of Innovation

You’ll build a foundation in creative problem solving by engaging in collaborative interdisciplinary projects that are both academic in nature and focused on industry needs

Through collaborative assignments during the academic year and major construction projects during co-op, you’ll gain firsthand experience working with teams of designers and engineers to deliver projects that are on time, on budget and functional

Rich Learning Experience
The program offers an experienced faculty, authentic work experience, a mentoring program that pairs you with a construction professional, site visits to construction projects and guest lecturers from major construction firms

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Program Objectives & Student Outcomes

  • Program Objectives

    Graduates of Wentworth’s construction management program will be able to:

    • Create effective oral presentations, written communications and project schedules, estimates and safety plans
    • Make professional decisions based on ethical principles
    • Apply construction management skills as an effective member of a multidisciplinary team, including basic surveying techniques for construction layout and control, as well as digital technology to manage the construction process
    • Analyze methods, materials and equipment used to construct projects, including documents for planning and management, various methods of project delivery and the roles and responsibilities of all constituencies involved in the design and construction process
    • Demonstrate the basic principles of structural behavior and of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
    • Explain the following basic principles as they relate to construction: sustainability; accounting and cost control; risk management; the legal implications of contract, common and regulatory law; quality assurance and control; and project control processes

Program Curriculum


    Fall Semester (total credits 19)

    • CONM1000, Introduction to Construction Management 3 credits
    • CONM1200, Building Construction 4 credits
    • CHEM1000, Chemistry for the Built Environment 4 credits
    • MATH1000, College Mathematics I 4 credits
    • ENGLISH, English Sequence, See ENGL/HSS note below *

    Spring Semester (total credits 18)

    • CONM 1500, Construction Graphics 3 credits
    • CONM 1600, Heavy Construction Equipment 3 credits
    • PHYS 1000, College Physics I 4 credits
    • MATH 1500, Precalculus 4 credits
    • ENGLISH, English Sequence, See ENGL/HSS note below *

    Fall Semester (total credits 19)

    • CONM 2000, Construction Surveying 4 credits
    • CONM 2100, Statics and Strength of Materials 4 credits
    • CONM 2200, Estimating 4 credits
    • MGMT 2700, Financial Accounting 3 credits
    • HSS ELECTIVE, See ENGL/HSS note below *

    Spring Semester (total credits 15)

    • CONM 2500, Building Systems 4 credits
    • CONM 2600, Wood and Steel Analysis & Design 3 credits
    • MATH 1030, Statistics and Applications 4 credits
    • HSS ELECTIVE, See ENGL/HSS note below *

    Summer Semester

    • COOP3000, Pre-Cooperative Work Term (Optional)

    Semester (total credits 16)

    • CONM 3000, Materials Testing and Quality Control 4 credits
    • CONM 3100, Construction Project Management 4 credits
    • CONM 3201, Construction Project Scheduling 4 credits
    • MGMT 3000, Managing & Leading Organizations 4 credits

    Spring Semester

    • COOP 3500, Co-op Work Term I

    Summer Semester

    • CONM 3500  Advanced Estimating and Bid Analysis 4 credits
    • CONM 3600 Concrete Analysis + Design 4 credits
    • CONM 3800 CM Elective  3 credits

    HSS ELECTIVE, See ENGL/HSS note below *


    Fall Semester

    • COOP 4500, Co-op Work Term II

    Spring Semester (total credits 18)

    • CONM 4000, Construction Project Control 3 credits
    • CONM 4100, Construction Business and Finance 4 credits
    • CONM 4200, Construction Safety and Risk Management 3 credits
    • MGMT 4100, Power and Leadership 4 credits
    • HSS ELECTIVE, See ENGL/HSS note below *

    Summer Semester (total credits 14)

    • CONM 5500, BSCM Senior Project 4 credits
    • CONM 4600, Construction Law and Government Regulations 3 credits
    • MGMT 3600, Labor Relations 3 credits
    • HSS ELECTIVE, See ENGL/HSS note below *
  • ENGL/HSS Note:

    Day program students are required to complete at least: 

    • One course in Humanities 
    • One course in the Social Sciences 
    • The remaining courses may be from either Humanities or Social Sciences category

    Students with a three English course sequence may use the third English course to satisfy a Humanities requirement.  For more information about the English, Humanities, and Social Science requirements please refer to the Graduation Requirements – Undergraduate section of this catalog.

    Of the five listed humanities and social science electives, BSCM students must include the following HSS Directed Electives:

    • Principles of Economics, ECON4102
    • Industrial Organizational Psychology, PYSC4552

Program Tracking Sheet

Construction Management in the World

Earnings in 2016

Average starting salary: $60,000

Top 5 Job Titles for Construction Managers

  • Assistant Project Estimator
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Field Engineer
  • Project Engineer