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Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee was established as of Summer 2016 and has just started developing this site. One purpose of the committee is to review proposals for new programs at Wentworth, and we want to begin this process in the spirit of transparency and collegiality by sharing with you the first two proposals the committee is reviewing. 

The committee invites the community to read either or both proposals, and to provide feedback as it relates to your program, department, or division, in one of these formats: 

  • By emailing one or both of the co-chairs of the committee. 
  • By sending a signed or unsigned note to one or both of the co-chairs through inter-office mail. 

Thank you very much. The committee is working hard to develop a process for reviewing new proposals that is inclusive and responsive, including updating the community on our progress and recommendations. 

James O'Brien and Jon Ripley 
Co-chairs of the Program Review Committee